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I live in a constant state of early 90s.
When college rock was good, and black people were still on TV.

Why is everybody so worried about Amanda Bynes? | SLTA___
     Why is everybody so worried about Amanda Bynes?

If getting piercings, tweeting vaguely-interesting things, and being into black dick was grounds for an intervention, half the white girls in Brooklyn clearly need supervision.  Now her parents are alarmed at her behavior and are trying to drag the girl back home.

Amanda Bynes’ family is reportedly thinking about bringing her back to Los Angeles.

The troubled 26-year-old’s bizarre behavior has her loved ones concerned and they’re ready to intervene, according to E! News.

Since moving to New York from L.A., Bynes has been acting strangely, posting weird pictures on Twitter— umm, that cheek piercing? — as well as raunchy and inappropriate tweets. A source close to the star tells E! that her family is “concerned for her welfare” and want her to move closer to them so that they can keep an eye on her.

Of course, she refuses to leave the Big Apple.

The source adds that Bynes family is hopeful that everything is going to be OK, but that they’re ready to step in if needed. Well, considering her recent run-ins with police and out-of-control solo outings, it appears it’s time to intervene.


Did I miss something?  When has Amanda Bynes gotten out of control?  I mean, granted, I know the girl had a lot of car accidents…but that was in Los Angeles where she was apparently close enough for parental supervision.  At least she’s now in a city with a plethora of transportation options so we no longer have to worry about little miss Ask Ashley crashing into inanimate objects at all hours of the night.

And can we address how cute I think she is with her cheek piercings?


This does not work on everybody, but I’m all for her little Chola Reinvention.  You go ahead girl and express yourself.  You look cute.  

And LOL at that “raunchy tweets” accusation.  Clearly whoever wrote this is not aware of what really goes on over in the Twitterverse.  I have seen so many genitals I did not ask for and read so many things that I would have been better off without.  I mean just the other week this guy’s Twitter went viral because he lost a vibrating dildo in his ass, had to get it removed at the hospital, and tweeted his “adventure” complete with X-ray footage.  And y’all mad because Amanda says she likes black dick and wants Drake to murder her vagina?  Shit, Drake can murder my vagina too!  Have you seen him lately?  Wheelchair Jimmy is all grown up and he finally lost that “Best I Never Had” baby fat.  

Amanda is not even almost trying to become the next Lindsay Lohan.  She is a GROWN ass woman with a bunch of money who likes sex and experimenting with style.  You wish you could be Amanda Bynes right now.  Get it together, World.

2:42 pm  •  26 March 2013  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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