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I live in a constant state of early 90s.
When college rock was good, and black people were still on TV.

Dustin Zito/Spencer is a little bitch. | SLTA___
     Dustin Zito/Spencer is a little bitch.

I am SO OVER this little non-gay, dishonest, judgemental, attention-whore Real World faglet and let me just spell it out by shitting on his actual words.  I mean, this is just so overly dramatic.

The girls found out that Dustin was on a gay porn site and of course his little girlfriend Heather took it like the world ended and spent the rest of the episode crying her vagina off.  But this was the first exchange that majorly pissed me off…their little convo in the bathroom:

Heather:  You got taped having sex.  It’s all over the internet.
Dustin:  Wait, what?  I didn’t get taped having sex.  Yea, ok, I got naked and stuff..never did I have to…there wasn’t no touching involved with other people in the house.  All the guys in the house were straight.
Heather:  You never did anything where you touched anyone else?
Dustin:  No…on a video yes I did…like that was for…not the same website but the same website owner…it was a mother site.  
Heather:  And it was with guys?
Dustin:  And it was with A guy.
Heather:  Are you gay?
Dustin:  No.
Heather:  Are you bisexual?
Dustin:  No.
Heather:  Then I don’t understand.

First of all, dude was stumbling all over his words, contradicting himself.  Did you or DID YOU NOT have gay sex on camera?  Dude, just come clean.  Fratmen.com (the website he worked for) has done an amazing job of scrubbing the internet clean of all of Dustin/Spencer’s gay sexcapades.  Every gay porn blog that I read or contribute to has been served cease and desist orders to remove the photos and videos of Dustin/Spencer actually having gay sex.  The masturbation clips are easy to find, but I keep coming up dry on his old man-on-man clips.  If I hadn’t seen them myself I would doubt their existence seeing as how I had no idea you could really remove something from the internet.

Later, Heather and that new girl are talking and Heather came out with this wonderfully small-minded gem:

I could never date a guy that could kiss another guy…I just can’t!  If you’re gonna say you’re gay, if you’re gonna say you’re bisexual and that’s what you’re into, I support that but am I gonna be your girlfriend?  No!

That double-standard is so fucking annoying.  This is the same trick who had a 3way kiss with the other two girls in the house.  But that’s just girlish fun I suppose.  And then in the preview clips for next week she and Nani are all up in each others tonils.  I mean, I know Dustin did way more than kiss, but she says she couldn’t even date a dude who kissed another guy.  Bitch please, sit down.  Yes ma’am, sit down all the way in the back.

Leroy was the only one who surprised me.  He was pretty much on the path to enlightenment, ready to denounce his homophobia and gay-bashing ways and Dustin jumps two-feet further into the abyss of untruth asserting once again that he never had gay sex on camera.

DUDE YES YOU DID!  I PHYSICALLY WATCHED WITH MY OWN EYES A PENIS GOING INTO YOUR ANUS!  I watched you jack off, make out with dudes, jack off next to dudes, jack off other dudes, get blown, suck dick, and take it up the ass.  I’m not saying that makes you gay.  I don’t feel like having gay sex for money equates to being an actual homo/bisexual.  But the fact that he so staunchly denies that it happened?  Sir, something in the milk ain’t clean.  Thou dost protest too much and I think you liked the cock more than you want to believe.

Probably because you’re from Louisiana.

Anyway, I guess I don’t have to watch the show anymore.  I stopped watching the Real World a long ass time ago and I only watched this season to see how they were going to handle Little Miss Amateur Gay Porn.  I got my answer to that question:  Really fucking badly.

And I’ve seen a lot of hate being thrown at Mike Mike for being so pissed about the situation, but I see where he’s coming from!  How you, on one hand, say “gay sex is wrong…homos creep me out” and on the other hand….sit on dick?  I don’t think Mike is mad about the gay sex…I think he’s mad about the dishonesty and he has every right to be.

I’m only mad that I can’t produce the proof anymore.  I’m trying to figure out why exactly Fratmen has taken such pains to kill the evidence and I’m thinking maybe it’s about money.  There are probably enough curious homos (or secret homos) watching the Real World who can’t find the clips and would sign up for Fratmen just to see what the fuss is about.

Well.  It ain’t that hot.  Straight men having sex with each other is awkward, slow, and boring (unless they’re professionals who’ve been doing it for a long time…I’m looking at you Rudy Ludemann) so don’t waste your money.  If you’re just looking for confirmation one way or the other regarding Dustin/Spencer having actual gay sex or not?  Then here’s your confirmation:


9:44 pm  •  28 April 2011  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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