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I live in a constant state of early 90s.
When college rock was good, and black people were still on TV.

Canadian-born Ted Cruz is going to run for President, mark my words. | SLTA___
     Canadian-born Ted Cruz is going to run for President, mark my words.

Do I need to spell out the hypocrisy in the Republican party?

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) whose birth certificate clearly states that he was born in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA is a favorite in the Tea Party and is currently booking speaking engagements in a run up to what I and most people think will be a Presidential bid.

Canada.  As in not born in the United States. 

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is heading to New Hampshire as part of a summer swing through early voting states on the presidential calendar.

The freshman senator, a tea party favorite thought to be weighing a 2016 presidential bid, is scheduled to headline an Aug. 23 fundraiser for the New Hampshire GOP.

The trip represents Cruz’s first visit to New Hampshire, which is expected to host the nation’s first presidential primary. He has already visited South Carolina and has summer stops planned for Iowa and Florida.

The 42-year-old senator began serving his first Senate term in January.


Let me give you a little bit of background.  Ted Cruz’s parents met in the oil industry in Canada, his mother being a white American and his father a white Cuban who fought for Castro during the Cuban Revolution.  When Ted Cruz first popped up on my radar as a Senator from Texas, I was expecting someone who was visibly Hispanic, so I just wanted to throw that little piece of history out there to explain why he looks as white as every other Senator:

And THAT is the other side of this hypocritical coin. Of course the Tea Partiers support him because he’s anti-Obama, anti-woman, and anti-common sense.  That’s the obvious side of the coin.  The other side is whispering “ooo look, his last name is Cruz so Latinos will probably vote for him…plus he’s white!  Win-win!”

Ted Cruz is so white nobody even cares that he wasn’t born in the United States.  According to his supporters, he could have had American citizenship when he was born, since his mother was a citizen of the US.  That’s very true and I’m not discounting that whatsoever.

But where was that logic when our twice-elected President was being pressured to show his birth certificate, a certificate that — according to the Tea Party in reference to Cruz — doesn’t matter since Obama’s mother was an American citizen and he could have had American citizenship at birth, regardless of the location?  Why did nobody bring up that fact when they were wondering loudly and disrespectfully whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii or not?  Oh right, because that whole birther bullshit was a thin cover for their racism.

Republicans aren’t even trying to seem like decent human beings anymore.  Ted Cruz is going to run for the GOP nomination (that he won’t get because he’s not well-known enough) and nobody will bat an eye.  Democrats are too soft to go for the jugular.  They’ll whine a little in the corner, but I’ll be willing to bet that no Democratic politician has the guts to stand up and say “How dare you let this guy run when you spent 8 years saying the President’s birth certificate was fake?” 

This is ridiculous.  Can we just have a Congress full of Elizabeth Warrens and Tammy Duckworths and Maxine Waterses, because nobody else knows how to get anything done and speak real truths.

1:58 pm  •  11 August 2013  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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