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I live in a constant state of early 90s.
When college rock was good, and black people were still on TV.

     Look at these photos.

Y’all ever see dudes and get really sad because A) That’s not your man and B) That won’t ever be your man?  I would probably even let him say offensive things to me like “stop listening to *NSYNC” and “do you want to come to the gym with me?”  

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5:58 pm  •  10 August 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     Morning Wood: yourlittlebear


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(via yourlittlebear)

11:19 am  •  4 August 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     I need Chris Pratt to braid my hair.


I have the most awkward, confusing boner right now!  I didn’t even know “must be able to French braid” was necessary, but now I have to add it to my husband application.  Chris Pratt just braided an intern’s hair while talking about Jurassic Park on Entertainment Tonight and now there’s a new genre of porn I need to create featuring buff white men playing with hair.

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1:27 pm  •  24 July 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     Morning Wood: Tom Daley’s Attitude cover.

Tom Daley tops the list of Attitude's 100 Sexiest Men for the second year in a row.  I'm not sure what the criteria was exactly, but I'm in a good mood this morning so won't be too shadeful.  I also wouldn't kick him out of bed a backroom at an unseemly gay bar, so this cover can stay.

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9:59 am  •  17 July 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     Look at this photo. Husband material from every conceivable angle dontdoitfrankie.
Go ahead and thirstfollow.  I know what time it is.

Husband material from every conceivable angle dontdoitfrankie.

Go ahead and thirstfollow.  I know what time it is.

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5:49 pm  •  15 July 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     Today in Sports or Foreplay?


I’m old enough to remember that time before broadband when gay porn clips were 3 seconds long and took five hours to download.

Thank god for wrestlers, men on underwear packages at Target, and the ever-elusive surprise penis glimpse on Skinemax.

(Source: hotfighters, via e-sigh)

2:00 pm  •  26 June 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     Between Alexander are-those-dreads-or-twists Masson and Jeremy can-I-post-your-bail Meeks…

…vaguely ethnic bronze guys with light-colored eyes had a really good day on the Internet.

But somewhere, we all know Jesse Williams is chuckling to himself…

…these bitches is my sons.

9:32 pm  •  19 June 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     Filed Under: Felons to F—-


Jesus be a parole hearing and a prison commissary donation!!!

Ladies love this convicted felon’s mug shot

Meet Jeremy Meeks. He’s a 30-year-old convicted felon who was arrested Wednesday on felony weapons charges during a sweep in the Weston Ranch area of Stockton, according to Stockton police.

He’s also arguably the most popular convict ever to grace the Stockton Police Department Facebook page.

Meeks’ mug shot generated more than 2,400 comments between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, many from women claiming to admire his good looks.


These are the felonies and misdemeanors which make someone unsuitable to get in these draws:

  • 1st & 2nd degree murder
  • Child abuse
  • Rape
  • Assault with a deadly weapon

Unlawful possession of a weapon is not on that list.  Is he going to jail?  Is that the only way we can be together?  Orange is the new baby blues?  Do I commit some kind of crime and convince him that I need to be his prison bitch?  Is that how this works?  I’m not used to dealing with Trade.  I like my men nice-smelling and Madonna-worshiping.  Y’all need to teach me what to do with a man like that so I don’t hurt myself.

Or maybe that’s part of the draw?  My panties are just so confused right now.  

3:35 pm  •  19 June 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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