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I live in a constant state of early 90s.
When college rock was good, and black people were still on TV.

     Megyn Kelly tried to teach Bill O’Reilly about white privilege.

Megyn Kelly…Megyn Kelly…Megyn damn Kelly.

She.  She tries sometimes.  Right after she had her baby and laid down the law over there about working moms, I was Team Megyn for point three seconds.  She just gets so close to common sense, but I don’t know what made her think Bill O’Reilly was going to be receptive to anything she had to say.

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3:22 pm  •  26 August 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     #lastwords of unarmed Black men.

Journalist and illustrator Shirin Barghi compiled the last words of unarmed Black men murdered by law enforcement and vigilantes, and seeing them together as one collection is a powerful statement

image   image

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2:36 pm  •  25 August 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     How to answer when a white person says, “The police won’t bother you if you haven’t done anything wrong.”

Some people are willfully ignorant…but some people just don’t know what they have no reason to know.

There are a lot of white people in this country who engage with minorities on the Internet in conversations about race and police harassment and profiling who don’t “see” it.  They don’t understand why some Black people are so upset with law enforcement and why we have a hair trigger in cases like Michael Brown, because that’s not the life they lead.  If — and this is a very big if — those white people have had any interactions with the police whatsoever, the situation was probably respectful, calm, and a minor disruption without an overwhelming fear of physical force.  

When I’ve been stopped by the police, not only is there an overwhelming sense of annoyance at being stopped for no reason other than being brown, but there’s the very real fear of the unknown because anything could happen once you’re stopped by the police.  I got stopped because I “fit the description” which is code for being a young Black male, and I didn’t know if I would end up in Rikers for the next three years waiting on a trial to clear my name of a charge I had nothing to do with.  (That still happens, in case you’ve forgotten.)

So this is a good explanation from  for all of us to remember when we find ourselves in conversations with white people who don’t have that experience of being terrified of law enforcement.

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3:50 pm  •  21 August 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     Hold a voter registration drive for #Ferguson.

Missouri Republicans are letting their true colors show in response to voting drives being held in Ferguson in the wake of Michael Brown’s death to get more Black people registered to vote.

If you’re looking for a way to channel your anger and really help fight systematic racism, hold a voting drive in your own community in honor of Ferguson.  You’re not the only one who’s upset and you’re not the only one paying attention, so remind people that change comes in the voting booth.

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2:58 pm  •  20 August 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     Don’t say Ferguson has more to do with the police state than race.

This is one of my greatest annoyances with otherwise well-meaning white people who casually brush aside the racism in Ferguson.


It’s not an either / or situation and the militarization of the police is an offshoot of America’s war on Black people.  

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11:47 am  •  20 August 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     Ignorance was bliss.

Y’all think I like to be mad all the time, but I PROMISE you life was so much easier before I realized how fucked up America is.  Being racially aware is not a walk in the park and something to sit around mooning over like, “wow, I just love being pissed at white people and white government and white law enforcement and white standards of beauty and whitedy white whiteness all day.  I hope I can be pissed tomorrow too!”

6:17 pm  •  19 August 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     Michael Brown’s Autopsy.

Look at the bullet entries.


Now.  For the supporters of Darren Wilson — because they’re out there raising money for him and holding up signs and all that baffling noise (x) — I’d like to know what in your mind justifies two shots to the face?  What action on the part of the victim should be met with that type of deadly force?  Before you answer, imagine that’s your child.  What could your unarmed child do to make you say, “Nice job, Wilson, we support you” after two shots to the head?

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10:12 am  •  18 August 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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     What a difference a day makes…in Ferguson.

August 11:

August 14:


…the latest protests had a light, almost jubilant atmosphere among the racially mixed crowd, more akin to a parade or block party. The streets were filled with music, free food and even laughter. When darkness fell — the point at which previous protests had grown tense — no uniformed officers were in sight outside the burned-out QuikTrip convenience store that had become a flashpoint for standoffs between police and protesters.

"You can feel it. You can see it," demonstrator Cleo Willis said of the change. "Now it’s up to us to ride that feeling."


It’s about time.  But don’t stop paying attention, because we all know nothing has really changed in America.

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10:50 am  •  15 August 2014  •   Let's talk about what you think.

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