White descendant of immigrants is concerned about unvetted Puerto Ricans “immigrating” here.

This guy right here…

…is wearing my expression.  This is why I could never be on live television because I can’t hide emotions and if I heard some foolishness like this on air, I would have to hurt the caller’s feelings.

I keep trynna tell y’all!  Immigration is just fine as long as it’s white immigration.  Donald Trump never had a problem with immigration.  His wife was an immigrant who worked here illegally.  His modeling company was full of Eastern European waifs who were here illegally.  He hires Polish immigrants to build his properties.  Donald Trump has a problem with brown people and so do the rest of his supporters, like this asshat calling in to CSPAN to voice his concern about immigration from Puerto Rico…which is part of the United States.

NPR correspondent Tom Gjelten on Saturday shut down a caller asking for his opinion about vetting Puerto Rican migrants, noting “we don’t vet people that move … from one part of America to another.”

(cont.  RawStory

Let’s just pause real quick and refresh our memory about why Puerto Ricans are fleeing the island en masse anyway:  The United States government wrecked Puerto Rico’s economy and doesn’t want to pick up the responsibility.  In a nutshell, the US government passed legislation to make Puerto Rico an attractive location for businesses, then after decades of growth and the island becoming dependent upon those businesses, the US government decides to rein it in and focus on the mainland by stripping Puerto Rico of its advantages while simultaneously handcuffing its ability to pay its own bills.  (I went more in depth about it earlier this year if you’re interested.)

We can’t very well blame Americans for wanting to find jobs elsewhere in America when America wrecked the economy in the part of America where they live.  But everyone knows America is for white men.  They stole it so, it belongs to them in perpetuity.  Finders keepers, losers…enjoy your oppression.

So now we have every variation of white man from Bubba in his trailer to Mr. Wilson in suburbia to Thad McAllister The Fourth spilling champagne on his deck shoes forever complaining about brown people coming to take their jobs even when those brown people are citizens of the same country.  Now we just have an extra topping of “are they terrorists?!  they’re not white, so they might be!” to go along with the hysteria around minorities ruining the country and de-whitening it for the future generations of opportunistic lazy pale people who need to stand upon the backs of colored folk to climb the ladder of success.

Whiteness is a helluva drug.  “I know I’m descended from actual foreign people, but we need to do something about the brown people moving here…from another part of the same country.“  Get out of my face.

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