Donald Trump wouldn’t qualify to be an immigrant.

The Trump Administrations War on Brown people continues today with new legislation they’re hoping to push through Congress that would limit legal immigration.

(Bolded emphasis mine.)

President Trump unveiled controversial legislation on Wednesday that would sharply curtail legal immigration to the United States.

The president met at the White House with two Republican senators pushing the legislation, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia.

One of Trump’s campaign promises was to reduce immigration, illegal and legal. The Cotton-Perdue legislation, also known as the RAISE Act (for Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy), would cut by half the number of legal immigrants accepted into the U.S. each year.

Trump said the measure “will reduce poverty, increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars.” The current system, Trump said, “has not been fair to our people, to our citizens, to our workers.” He said the new system would favor applicants “who can speak English, financially support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy.” It would also prevent new arrivals from collecting welfare.

(cont. NPR)

Let’s see.  Trump has about five bankruptcies under his belt, can barely form a coherent sentence, and has no marketable skills that I can see other than being white and promising White America that he will whitely allow them to white even more effectively in the white future.  Add to that the fact that he could never pass a citizenship test because he has no idea of how the government works or the history of this country, and I’m pretty sure Donald Trump’s Administration would stop Donald Trump at the door if he was trying to come from another country.

I doubt Melania would make the cut either.  She does speak about five languages and her English is just fine from what I hear, but her skillset is limited to squinting not following through on her anti-cyberbullying platform.  Unless they were both coming here to pick oranges or clean hotel rooms, we really have no reason to add them to the economy.

And yes, I really said that, because ignoring the reality of the immigrant workforce isn’t gonna do anybody any favors at this point.

I live in the most diverse city in the country (arguably in the world, depending on your measuring stick) and since I’m not a rich person, I get to see a cross-section of race, class, and employment every single day.  There are some generalizations you can make, though of course exceptions exist.

White people sit at the top of the employment food chain. They run Wall Street, media, government, and most of the white collar industries from law to education.  In service industries, these are the owners.  In blue collar industries, they’re your foremen and contractors.

Black & Brown people born in the US (and whose parents were likely born here too) sit below that cap.  In the “elite” sectors of employment, these are the ones answering to a white boss if they managed to get a foot in the door in the first place.  In service industries, these are your cashiers and busboys.  You never see white cashiers in big box or chain stores in NYC.  When white people do come in for those entry level positions, they’re quickly promoted up and out to management (I’ve personally been leapfrogged and watched white friends benefit from this trend as well).  These are your teachers or teachers’ assistants with white principals, stock boys, secretaries, nurses, nannies, unsalaried waiters, bus drivers, maintenance people, etc.  When you do see white people in those positions, they’re entry level.  You never see a 40 year old white cashier.  You can go to Bed Bath & Beyond right now and see three 40 year old Black ones.

The bottom of the employment ladder is made up of the people doing the jobs that nobody else wanted.  Hotel maids, dishwashers, day laborers, moving men, janitors, house cleaners, etc.  A big chunk of the second tier used to be employed in these jobs until the Civil Rights Movement opened the doors for employment in other areas.  Black people don’t want to scrub floors the way their grandparents did, so now the unskilled immigrants lacking in English proficiency do that.  The Trump Administration wants to shrink the bottom tier, move some of us back into those jobs, and lessen the competition for those six-figure, white collar jobs so that every white person can have one instead of having to settle for a management in the second tier.

Unemployment is actually still low.  And we’ll probably see a gap in the job market when the Baby Boomers start retiring en masse (please let it be soon, especially in the halls of government).  Nobody can come in from Guatemala and steal a job – it has to be given to them by the person doing the hiring, and chances are, there was little competition for it anyway.  Once again, this administration is just paying lip service to the false idea that white people are having things taken away from them and they need to get it back.  When I see a line of Beckys and Duncans jostling for a restaurant job washing dishes from 9pm to 4am for minimum wage, then they can come talk to me about all of the jobs going to immigrants who don’t speak English.

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