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Legal immigration is now under attack.

Is there anybody who still believes this administration’s “concerns” about immigration are about national security and the economy as opposed to just naked racism? Hopefully not, but just in case there are, Stephen Miller is erasing any doubt.



Is there anybody who still believes this administration’s “concerns” about immigration are about national security and the economy as opposed to just naked racism? Hopefully not, but just in case there are, Stephen Miller is erasing any doubt.


WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is expected to issue a proposal in coming weeks that would make it harder for legal immigrants to become citizens or get green cards if they have ever used a range of popular public welfare programs, including Obamacare, four sources with knowledge of the plan told NBC News.

The move, which would not need congressional approval, is part of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller’s plan to limit the number of migrants who obtain legal status in the U.S. each year.

Details of the rulemaking proposal are still being finalized, but based on a recent draft seen last week and described to NBC News, immigrants living legally in the U.S. who have ever used or whose household members have ever used Obamacare, children’s health insurance, food stamps and other benefits could be hindered from obtaining legal status in the U.S.

Immigration lawyers and advocates and public health researchers say it would be the biggest change to the legal immigration system in decades and estimate that more than 20 million immigrants could be affected. They say it would fall particularly hard on immigrants working jobs that don’t pay enough to support their families.

(cont. NBC News)

Your President and his administration are all racists and his anti-immigrant rhetoric is proof.

“Well people shouldn’t come illegally! We need a wall to keep illegals out!”

Your President and his administration are turning away asylum seekers and separating babies from their parents. Requesting asylum is a legal way to enter the country — they’re not hiding from the government. They need our help.

“Well why should we take in a bunch of freeloaders from countries that can’t take care of their own people? They should get green cards and get jobs and work really hard and then they can be citizens the right way.”

Your President and his administration are making it harder for green card holders to gain citizenship because some of those hard workers are doing jobs that don’t pay enough to live and then have to ask the government for assistance and now they’re being kept from becoming US citizens.

“Well they should get better jobs and then they can stay!”


African, Caribbean, and Latin American immigrants do the jobs nobody else wants to do. If you aren’t a “skilled worker” and your English is limited, your job opportunities aren’t great. These folks work hard — HARD!!! — to not only support their families but to keep this country running. We don’t pay them a decent wage because we don’t have to! In a capitalist society built on a very clear stratifications of labor and wages, the multi-millionaire at the top doesn’t have to pay a living wage to the people on the bottom because there will always be a fresh influx of new folks to take over should any of the current workers quit. They get paid pennies because everyone swears the prices of goods would go up so high none of the rest of us would be able to afford them if the people producing the goods got paid enough to live. Never is it suggested we cut into CEO profits — no, we have to keep the poorest among us SUPER poor so the regular-poor and just-above-poor can benefit from those depressed wages in the form of low-cost goods.

Nobody else wants the jobs immigrants do for us. We have fruit rotting on the ground all over California because this administration won’t let immigrants pick it and Republicans — who swear immigrants are stealing their jobs — don’t want *that* job.  I don’t like stereotyping and hopefully that’s not what I’m doing but we also can’t ignore the fact that there is a large workforce of immigrants that make it possible for the rest of us to ignore what it takes to keep a country like this in motion. Agriculture, restaurants, custodial, and service industries rest on a foundation of immigrants (both documented and undocumented) and these bigots are so focused on Making America White Again they haven’t figured out how they’re gonna make white people pick tomatoes and bus tables.

And I wish I could just blame white people and conservatives, but I get my hair cut in a Black barbershop in Harlem.  One of the most popular topics whenever politics comes up is how we shouldn’t be so worried about “illegal Mexicans” and worry about our own communities and jobs for us instead.  Nevermind the fact that over half of the undocumented immigrants in this country are Black people from Africa and the Caribbean, “Mexican Illegals” are bad because they come here and get free handouts and take jobs away that should belong to us because we were here first. It’s straight out of the White Conservative playbook but tweaked a little for poor Black people trying to hold on to whatever tiny piece of the American dream they’ve been able to grab hold to. We were here first and paid our dues and built this country, so it’s not fair that some Mexicans (it’s always Mexicans, anybody brown and speaking Spanish and coming across the border without papers is always Mexican in these “discussions”) can just show up, get a job, and get free money while our own neighborhoods are still rife with crime and unemployment.

It’s a pile of lies and fallacies, a distraction thrown at us by the rich white people at the top and it’s working perfectly. Poor white people, poor Black people, and poor immigrants are all at each other’s throats fighting for scraps while the RICH white people at the top are feasting. A butcher holding a Porterhouse is dangling it in front of three pit bulls who are all fighting each other for it instead of just attacking the butcher who is holding the Porterhouse! They’re going to kill each other while the butcher watches and then carves off a corner for the winner when the three of them should’ve just ripped the butcher’s throat out and kept the whole slab for themselves.

And while we’re fighting each other, we’re being slowly pushed to the margins of this country. It’s harder for POC to vote now than at any point since the 1960s. Legal immigration is being attacked on the grounds that poor people shouldn’t be allowed to become citizens. Tax cuts are being handed down to make the rich richer and further concentrate power in the hands of a tiny percentage of wealthy white people.

There is nothing an immigrant could possibly do that would threaten your livelihood more than what the 1% is doing in Washington.  If that argument doesn’t work on the skeptics in your life, just appeal to their selfishness.  If all the poor people are kicked out of the country, if all the fresh immigrants are kicked out of the country, what do you think happens? That wages go up in your industry or that you will be force down into the industry that has been left open by a mass removal of those workers?   Black people especially like to forget that we’re only a few decades removed from a time where the only jobs we could get were factory work, farm work, or domestic work. Who do you think will be first in line to return there if there’s no immigrant class to prop up American greed at the top?

But it shouldn’t take appeals to selfishness to see that this is just wrong. Someone coming to this country for a better life – working 80 hours a week just to survive because we don’t pay them what they’re worth and doing everything the right way because we told them the American Dream is real and if you just work hard for long enough, you and your family will be rewarded – should not be denied citizenship because his 80-hour paycheck wasn’t big enough to afford healthcare or food. We should be ashamed that anyone has to work 12 hour days and still ask the government for help – but we’re so busy trying to protect our own pennies we can’t even address the real problem.
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GOP lawmakers don’t want metal detectors at the Capitol.

People broke into your job with weapons, but you don’t want metal detectors?



Republican lawmakers are upset they have to wait in line to go through metal detectors at the Capitol.
Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX): “You can’t stop me; I’m on my way to a vote.”
Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ): “For members of Congress to enter the floor of the U.S. House, we now have to go through intense security measures, on top of the security we already go through. These new provisions include searches and being wanded like criminals. We now live in Pelosi’s communist America!”
Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA): It “impedes the ability of members to come and vote. This is our job.”
Non-Rep Rafi D’Angelo (D-Sitting On My Bed Right Now): “Are you fucking kidding me?”
I have to take my shoes off to get on an airplane because 20 years ago one guy on one plane tried to set off a shoe bomb.
Hundreds of terrorists were trying to beat y’all ass LAST WEEK at your job. What’s not clicking?
Where’s all this outrage over metal detectors when we want to get rid of guns so our CHILDREN don’t have to go through what you went through last week? Kids all over the country stand in line to go through a metal detector every single day just to get an education and y’all say that’s wonderful because you want zero restrictions on firearms.
Where’s all this outrage over standing in line to vote when people all over the country have to wait 7 or 8 hours to cast their ballot? Y’all put those obstacles there by design so you can win elections, but an “obstacle” that delays you 15 minutes and could save your life is a reach too far?
I hate them. Hate is such a strong word that I was taught not to use, but it’s really not strong enough at this point. I can’t muster up any other reaction toward people who consistently put this overinflated sense of faux-liberty above all else because it’s on brand for the message they’ve pumped into their followers. This is about their complete and total resistance to being told what to do by people they feel they have the right to boss around.  There’s a very clear thread between Karen yelling at Wal-Mart about being told to wear a mask and a Republican Representative yelling in the Capitol being told to go through a metal detector. Whether it’s because you make minimum wage at the register, you’re a security guard with a high school education, you’re a soyboy liberal whose unmasculine fear of dying makes you unpatriotic, or you’re a person of color asserting authority to enforce a rule, regulation, or mandate, Republicans think you are beneath them and refuse to be told what to do by someone they deem inferior for any reason.
Those metal detectors went up for their own protection, but they were put there by people inferior to them who did not ask their permission, and therefore, the metal detectors are evil and they will yell and stomp and walk around them and refuse to comply.
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Republicans don’t believe the election was “free and fair”

In that case, I hope they just stop voting.



Three days after every major media outlet called the election for former Vice President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump has shown no signs of conceding as he continues to push baseless claims of widespread fraud. The campaign he is waging against the integrity of the election, which first took root months ago, has had a major impact on how Republicans perceive the results, according to new Morning Consult polling.

This latest survey, conducted Nov. 6-9, 2020 among 1,987 registered voters nationwide, is part of an ongoing research project to gauge the level of trust Americans have in their electoral system. Results will be updated on this page weekly.

(cont. Morning Consult)

This was absolutely the goal of the Trump administration from the start. The writing was on the wall — he was going to lose this election bigly and he needed to make his supporters doubt the results, so they all cast a shadow on mail-in votes. They knew the largest share of mail-in votes would be Democrats because Democrats have not rejected COVID science and are more likely to avoid crowds. Sending in your ballot from the safety of your home makes sense to someone who believes the coronavirus pandemic is a real thing. Then the GOP prevented those ballots from being counted until after all of the same day ballots in places like Pennsylvania, so Trump declared victory on the day, and his supporters watched it slip away as these sketchy mail-in ballots were counted.

That’s the one-two punch. Mail-in ballots have more fraud, and I won before the fraudulent ballots started being counted.

So now we have an entire political party undermining the foundation of our democracy, by following behind this orange baby man throwing a tantrum because he hates losing, and they’re all but ensuring lower turnout for the next election cycle among their base. If 7 out of 10 people on your side of the aisle believe the election is rigged, how many of them are going to sit out next time because their vote doesn’t matter anyway? If just 1 of every ten says “why waste the time?” the GOP loses by an even wider margin.

Fine with me! I especially hope Republicans in Georgia have lost faith in the voting process so they don’t turn out for the Senate runoffs in a few weeks. I know plenty of Lazy Liberals who’ve sat on the couch on election day because we keep seeing these races stolen from us due to gerrymandering and voter restrictions and polling site closures. A big chunk of us have said “why waste the time?” and it has cost us every time. A little pessimism on the other side is music to my ears.

Also, it’s important to note that whichever party loses the White House has less trust in the election. It happens every time. Strangely enough, the only recent election where faith in the election was about equal for Democrats and Republicans was Bush v. Gore back in 2000, where the election hinged on less than 600 votes in Florida (as opposed to tens of thousands of votes in multiple states for Biden this go ’round).

This is the share of voters who said the election was free and fair, going back to Bush vs. Clinton.

It’s interesting that the trust gap of the 90s doubled once Barack Obama was elected, and it has doubled again now that the sitting President has spent the past few days telling his base over and over that the results weren’t fair. The Republican Party is circling the drain and I would love for this distrust in the voting process to be the final nail in their coffin. They can’t win if they don’t even show up.

Donald Trump’s ego would love nothing more than to see his supporters rise up and fight for him, so he will fan the flames for as long as they will believe his lies. I can’t think of a bigger indictment of his fabrications than Fox News refusing to give them more airtime:

I guess Rusty and Carole will have to get all their conspiracy theories straight from the source now.
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2020 Election Firsts

The last four years have been hard, and these “firsts” show that we are in fact still moving in the right direction.



You know where this is going to end up (but not for the reason you think!) and I just wanted to highlight some other “firsts” from last week’s election. On the one hand, it’s 2020, so having “the first” of anything when it comes to representation is tiring. On the other hand, it’s 2020, and the last four years have been hard, and these “firsts” show that we are in fact still moving in the right direction.

Mauree Turner

Oklahoma has never had a Muslim elected to their State Legislature. The US has never had a non-binary person elected to any State Legislature. Until Mauree Turner.

Being a queer Black Muslim activist in Oklahoma comes with a lot of hurdles just to be seen and heard, but during the course of their activism and organizing behind other politicians, Turner was being encouraged to just run for office themself. They ran on a platform of inclusion and defeated their challenger with 71% of the vote.

Cori Bush

If at first you don’t succeed, keep at it until you do. That’s what Cori Bush did.

Cori Bush ran for Senate in 2016, but was defeated in the primary. She ran for the House in Missouri’s 1st Congressional District (St. Louis mostly) in 2018, but was defeated in the primary. When she ran again this year and upset incumbent Lacy Clay in the primary, it ended the Clay Family’s hold on that seat which began with Lacy’s father Bill Clay back in 1968. Bush got her start in politics after the Ferguson protests where she served as a triage nurse and organizer. With her win in the general, she’s the first Black Woman elected to Congress from Missouri.

Sarah McBride

In 2012, Sarah McBride became the first openly trans woman to work in the White House. In 2016, she addressed the Democratic National Convention, becoming the first transgender American to address a major political party. Now, she has another first.

After winning her State Senate race in Delaware, Sarah McBride is the first trans person elected to a state Senate in the US. As a campaign staffer in Delaware, McBride previously worked on Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden’s campaign before coming out as trans during her last week as student body president of American University. A flurry of media coverage followed and the Biden Family continued to express their support, culminating in a position at the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs.

Mondaire Jones

Mondaire Jones won his House race to become the first openly gay Black Congressman.

Jones was running in a solidly Democratic district just north of NYC without a strong challenger in the primary. He easily pulled ahead of his challengers back in June during the primary for a seat that had been held by the same woman for thirty years.  Jones has the support of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but I’m most excited to see him working with another of his high-profile supporters — AOC.

Ritchie Torres

Another openly gay first, this time the first openly gay Afro-Latino in Congress.

Ritchie Torres will also be representing New York alongside Mondaire Jones when Congress seats its new class. His primary challenger was a notorious homophobe by the name of Rubén Díaz Senior, not to be confused with his more popular and more liberal son, Rubén Díaz Junior, who is the Bronx borough president. The ballots during that primary didn’t specify Junior or Senior, which I’m sure was an intentional “oversight” by the father’s campaign to capitalize on his son’s popularity, but in the end, Torres pulled it off and defeated his Republican challenger in the general last week. Torres said during his campaign that he wants to tackle the affordable housing crisis, expand the Supreme Court, and make Puerto Rico a state. He’s got big dreams and a bright future.

Kamala Harris

Madame Vice-President Elect will be the first female Vice President, the first Black VP, and the first Asian VP.**

There’s not much to add that hasn’t already been breathlessly covered everywhere for the past few days, but! She’s also the first Vice President who doesn’t share a last name with their spouse, which hadn’t occurred to me until last night, but I think it’s really awesome!

Full Disclosure: I hate when women feel pressured to change their last names after they get married, but I especially hate it when they have a career. You have papers and interviews and titles associated with one name, so why change that because of an outdated tradition that stems from ownership? Kamala Harris married Douglas Emhoff, and she’s still Kamala Harris. I was watching a documentary about Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election and it bummed me out that she felt she had no choice but to change her last name when Bill lost his reelection for Arkansas governor. She had kept her name and her job and she was too “independent” as a Southern wife, so she changed herself to help her husband appeal to voters, and that included taking Clinton as her last name. Forty years after that, I’m really excited that a woman has finally gotten to the White House and she kept hers.

**Kamala Harris is the first woman of color, but she’s not the first non-white VP. Hoover’s Vice President Charles Curtis was 3/8ths Native American.
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