Pop music is “real” music too.

Arguing with “singer-songwriter” purists is so tiring. Do you know how often a GREAT vocalist and a GREAT songwriter are in the same person? Like….once a generation and her name is Mariah Carey. Dassit. 

Most of your favorite singer-songwriters are better at one than the other. Carole King, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan – icons….and most people sing their songs better than they could. That’s not shade, that’s just recognizing how rare it is to be truly legendary in two fields.

Michael Jordan was a basketball player and baseball player. He was a better baseball player than everyone you know personally, but he couldn’t compare to everyone he was playing with and he’s only a legend in one.
That’s singer-songwriters.

I don’t care that Whitney Houston didn’t write songs the same way I don’t care that Diane Warren can’t sing. They are exceptional at the thing they do, and the same goes for pop song writers. Any trained musician or composer can take some of what casual listening “purists” say is generic pop music and tell you why it’s musically more complex than you think or downright exceptional.

If the only music you think is MUSIC is some white guy singing 6 notes strumming a guitar, I’d love to put that guy next to Rodney Jerkins in a studio and have them each crank out a song. I promise you one of them will be far superior – musically – than the other. 

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