This busybodyass woman at another company just CC’d my boss on this email where she has a bunch of work I supposedly sent her that was done incorrectly. None of the other women on her team do that — they just send it to be corrected, but she gotta be a snitch!


Here’s the thing though: this is the fifth email concerning this particular project, so I already know this wasn’t even originally done by me, even though this is my client. I was out the day this project was done and I know who was covering and who did this shit wrong.


HOWEVER! I ain’t no snitch! So I just make the (very easy, very simple) corrections, and send them back. Not even a bump in my day — I’m on Twitter all day anyway.  At least I know the corrections will be 100 because I did it myself.


But now this other woman is being Extra and trying to put me on blast with the boss, so now *EYE* have to be a snitch in return.


I sent my boss an email like “yo, I wasn’t gonna say nothing, but since she’s calling your attention to it — go in the system and see that I didn’t even do this wrong, because I was on vacation that day.”


Now I done put this other girl on blast. I’m a snitch now because this woman in the Midwest somewhere trynna do too much and get me yelled at OVER SOMETHING SMALL AND PETTY, NOT EVEN A BIG DEAL and she coulda just said “hey fix this” and went on with her life.


(But of course I had already flagged and saved all the emails about that project that I’d been sent. I ain’t a snitch, but I ain’t stupid either, and I definitely keep receipts to use if needed.)


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