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The Golden Globe nominations are out!

Overall, it’s a solid list! Just a few quick observations:



Here they go if you wanna see em all: Entertainment Weekly

Overall, it’s a solid list! Just a few quick observations:

– The Handmaid’s Tale really wasn’t great this last season and I’m glad it’s not marching toward another awards season as a heavy favorite. However! I said months ago that Yvonne Strahovski was doing all the heavy lifting and I’m glad she has that Supporting Actress nomination for Serena.

– First Man was polarizing for a lot of terrible reasons because everybody had a hot take before they even saw the movie. I went in completely blind and only saw it out of curiosity because I’m weirdly invested in seeing where Claire Foy’s career goes after The Queen. I *loved* it, every single second, every shot, every line, every piece of music. I thought it was a fantastic piece of filmmaking and then I realized it was by the same kid who did La La Land and Whiplash, both of which I also loved. So I think my major takeaway is that Damien Chazelle makes films in a style that resonates with me regardless of the subject matter. They’re immersive (to me) and give me a full moviegoing experience so I’m all in with First Man. Regardless of whether you like the movie or not, Claire’s argument with Ryan Gosling before his mission pretty much sealed all of her nominations for this season. She gives me chills and I can’t pinpoint why other than she just Has It. Her scene in Season 2 of The Queen facing off with the journalist is one of my favorite piece of restrained acting of all time, and then to see her go all out in a fight scene for Unsane told me she can pretty much do anything. First Man is just another example of her talent.

– A Star is Bor(i)n(g) being nominated for Drama instead of Musical or Comedy is interesting, no? I thought it was pitched as a musical? Either way, I guess it’s still a favorite so I’ll just have to suffer through this awards season. Lady Gaga and “Shallow” are the only nominations that mess deserves (but neither should win because…)

– “All the Stars” from Black Panther deserves that Best Song award and…

– Glenn Close from The Wife deserves that Best Actress award. To be honest, anybody other than Lady Gaga deserves that award and you could actually fill that list with 15 more actresses from this year who deserve that award more than Lady Gaga. She did fantastic and I would actively seek out her next movie (as opposed to seeing it just because), but there were just too many strong performances to give Lady Gaga a trophy just because she’s the most visible.

– The tightest race is Best Actress – Musical or Comedy. I haven’t even seen Mary Poppins Returns and I know Emily Blunt deserves it. I just saw The Favourite and Olivia Coleman deserves it. Elsie Fisher in Eighth Grade is my personal favorite performance by any actor or actress in any movie in the past five years and I’m both shocked (because I heard no buzz) and elated that she’s nominated. Charlize Theron deserves it for Tully. Constance Wu…okay she didn’t actually have much heavy lifting to do in Crazy Rich Asians and none of the acting was that much of a stretch compared to the others, but I’m glad she’s nominated.

– Speaking of Crazy Rich Asians tho, Chris Pang deserves an award just for being the hottest man on screen this year.



– Best Picture Drama is the brownest lineup I’ve ever seen! Three movies about Black people? I have no idea who’s winning (but it should be Beale Street).

– I’m really shocked Eighth Grade doesn’t have a screenplay nomination.

– Were y’all really in love with Sharp Objects? I thought Amy Adams was fine, but not earth-shattering. I thought the show was good, but not overly so, but I wasn’t sure if that’s because I’d read the book first (and didn’t love it). I just don’t think the story is told that well and the premise is more interesting than the end product.

– Incredibles 2 is a lock for Animated Picture because that is the weakest field in the bunch.

– This latest season of Real Housewives of NYC not being nominated for Best Television Series – Dramaaaaaa is a shame and a tragedy and I think we should re-write the nominating qualifications.
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