No one “deserves” to be an American.


It’s so maddening that the only argument Trump supporters have about immigration rests on the unacknowledged premise that they were simply lucky enough to be born in a country where their lives aren’t in danger. You didn’t do anything to *deserve* living in the US either.

“Those people should work hard and immigrate the right way.”

You didn’t.  Your daddy nutted in your mama somewhere within the 50 states and here you are, but you want some other person to jump through fifty hoops to get what you were born into? Why? What’s the logic?

“My people have been here for centuries. We’re real Americans.”

What’s that got to do with you? What did you SPECIFICALLY do to deserve being born on American soil? What did an immigrant running from drug cartels or civil war do to deserve being born there?

There’s no “deserve” in quality of life. There’s no “deserve” in anything. You’re born and those are your cards. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they suck. If someone wants to trade up for a better hand, it’s the duty of those of us holding good cards to reach into the deck and help.

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