WaPo: Workers are ghosting their employers like bad dates

Economists report that workers are starting to act like millennials on Tinder: They’re ditching jobs with nary a text.

“A number of contacts said that they had been ‘ghosted,’ a situation in which a worker stops coming to work without notice and then is impossible to contact,” the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago noted in December’s Beige Book, which tracks employment trends.

National data on economic “ghosting” is lacking. The term, which usually applies to dating, first surfaced in 2016 on Dictionary.com. But companies across the country say silent exits are on the rise.


The author says ghosting on a job, as in leaving and not telling anyone, is partly due to bad social skills.

But we all know that’s crap, don’t we?

I gave one job two month’s notice to replace me because I knew it’d be difficult and I loved my boss. I can go back to that job anytime I want and I have no hard feelings toward that office bc my transition out of the job was smooth, just as I thought it’d be.

Just one job tho.

Everybody else got two weeks or less because I was leaving due to how much I hated the job, the pay, the management, etc. These jobs are not loyal to workers so why should we be loyal to the job? They can fire you with no notice but you have to give them 2 to 4 weeks? Pfffffffft!

That job will be just fine and will most likely have your replacement next week. And some intentionally make your life hell after you put in your notice.

You get a notice if I feel like you deserve a notice.

And co-workers don’t need to know your business. I don’t need buddies at the office – that’s work. I’m on Twitter instead of roaming around making chit chat because office gossip is how you fumble your bag. I don’t need any whispers behind my back about anything.

None of that has to do with “social skills” or any other lazy excuse.
Pay workers more and treat them like people. If your employees feel expendable, they have no problem ghosting on that spot that you’ll easily fill with someone else you don’t care about.

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