What’s Beyonce gonna do next?


Y’all ever wonder that? Like. What is Beyonce gonna do next after Lemonade? Is she going fun or critical? Commercial or artistic?

I don’t think we’ve seen Peak Beyonce yet, but even if we have, she hit it TWENTY YEARS into her career and 6 (10 if you count DC albums) projects in. That is insane. She could release an album of nursery rhyme covers at this point and her legacy would be untouched.

Beyonce stopped the world TWICE. That is INSANE to me that the lil girl who just sang fast with backup singers managed to completely change how artists release music and then level up to create a cultural touchstone that will undoubtedly end up in the Smithsonian one day.

I became a stan (and a fan because I wasn’t really checking for Beyonce before 2013) when B5 came out and I swore that was the peak of her (or any other mainstream pop artist’s) creativity.

And then she leveled up.

Is she gonna level up again? Is that even possible? How?

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