It’s over for the Trump Foundation.

The Trump Foundation is being shut down by the (outgoing) Attorney General of New York and I’m doing a small celebration jig in the office.


President Donald Trump’s personal charity will shut down and disperse whatever funds it still has under a new agreement announced Tuesday by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood.

The attorney general’s office sued the Trump Foundation in June, allegingthe president and several of his children used it for their own political benefit. That lawsuit, which seeks millions of dollars in restitution, will continue, even as the foundation agrees to cease existence.

The agreement, which still must be approved by a judge, requires the Trump Foundation to submit a list of not-for-profit groups that will receive distributions from the remaining assets.

Underwood alleged in her lawsuit that Trump’s charity was, for years, “little more than an empty shell” with no oversight by a functioning board of directors, and she pointed out that the nonprofit had not had a board meeting since 1999.


I’m cautiously optimistic that this is the beginning of a pattern? I’m tired of these bombastic editorials about the impending downfall of Cheetolini because of “shocking(!!!)” new discoveries which lead to absolutely nothing because the corruption in Washington runs so deeply that no one has the motivation to actually take down Trump.

But his foundation is so crooked it’s being dissolved by order of the court. Multiple people close to him have now been convicted and some are going to serve actual time in jail. The House belongs to his opposition now and the law in his home state (with Tish James leading the charge as the incoming Attorney General) wants to throw their full weight behind investigating this con-man starting with his real estate dealings for the past 30 years.

I personally don’t think Trump’s potential undoing will come as a result of anything linked to Russia. I think that investigation is keeping his name associated with unsavory activities in the public conscious and it’s serving as a conduit to chipping away at his circle, but ultimately his downfall will be business related. In an industry known for crooked behavior, the Trumps stood out as especially slimy which is a feat in itself for Manhattan real estate.

If Robert Mueller keeps digging around in Russia while Tish James keeps digging around in Manhattan, somebody is gonna create a big enough hole for Trump and most of associates and hopefully the system has enough backbone to actually bury him.
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