Why do they suddenly think we need a wall anyway?

The US has had a border with Mexico for over 200 years. It’s the 9th longest land border in the world and it’s the most frequently crossed boundary in the world.

How is it that NOW we need a wall? Did something happen? Did Mexico declare war? Did they suddenly tank the US economy?

Or do we have a racist President?

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the mainstream media bending over backward to give Cheetolini airtime to lie for an hour or so. They aired Dubbya’s immigration address, but not Obama’s, and now they’re airing Trump’s, so you can draw your own conclusions. I personally think they’re more afraid of being called biased by racists than they are of upholding some standard of journalistic integrity by refusing to air outright lies.

But can somebody please ask all of those racists — foaming at the mouth to see what their Dear Leader has to say — why we need a wall NOW when the United States has been just fine without one for two hundred years? If anything, Mexico needed to protect THEMSELVES since the US is the country who actually crossed the border, invaded, and stole a third of their country to make Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and California. Before the Spanish-American War, Mexico tried to close Texas off to immigrants from the US because they were outnumbering Spanish-speakers, but I doubt Rusty and Karen are afraid that history will reverse itself in kind, because they can’t even read.

Bottom line is, nothing has changed between the US and Mexico in my lifetime other than the fact that we have a racist toddler in the White House knitting his support base together through lies, xenophobia, and fear of the unknown…that we actually do know because Mexico has been our neighbor for centuries. So when Trump is lying tonight and y’all’s relatives are gassing up him all excited about a wall, ask them why we suddenly need to spend $5 billion on something we haven’t needed until Pumpkin Spice Putin realized he could win an election by promising it and then making no moves to get it done while his party controlled the entire government for two years.

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