Aubrey O’Day is a blowup doll and I love it.

Can we talk about Aubrey O’Day for a quick second? Because I’ve actually grown to love her blow-up-doll aesthetic and I wanna talk about why everybody hates it so much.


So Aubrey came on Making the Band as a *clear* star from the very first season and that’s not some rose-colored rewriting of history. She had the It Factor from the jump, plus she could sing and she could dance.


Aubrey was ready to be a pop star. Remember when Blender magazine pegged her as one to watch before Diddy had even finalized the band’s lineup after only bringing back Malika and Aundrea and Aubrey from the first round? Everybody knew it.


So once the band was finalized, Aubrey immediately went full tilt into glam-drag. The wigs were SO big she was basically a caricature of what a sexy pop star should be.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 10.39.42 AM

Danity Kane made a little more money, and then she started going under the knife. She got her lips done and her nose done and her boobs done, and she was showing it all off. Diddy hated it — and hated her autonomy — so he kicked her out of the group.


Now a decade later, and Aubrey is full on sexy pop star/porn star/pin-up caricature and everybody hates it because she’s so “fake” but listen…


This is who Aubrey O’Day has always been. As soon as she got even a whisper of coin, she bought the biggest wigs in the drag shop. As soon as she got pocket change, she started going under the knife. But she’s still the same person and the same performer.



The girl before and after plastic surgery are the same girl, and her friendship and business relationship with Shannon really confirms it because Shannon Bex is one of the most “normal” pop entertainers in the business.

Danity Kane Autograph Session With Laundry


Shannon is married, loves horses, doesn’t love skimpy clothes. She’s shy, she’s reserved, and she loves Aubrey O’Day like a sister because Aubrey is the same exact person and performer and creative artist she was before she transformed into a blow up doll.

I love that Aubrey is this kind of performer with this kind of aesthetic bc we don’t let women who look like that display any brains or creativity. They’re supposed to just sell sex and be empty bobbleheads. We’ve decided that you can’t look like that and actually have value.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 10.51.21 AM


Aubrey O’Day is a creative powerhouse who sings, dances, writes music, plays drums, directs music videos and sells sex and thot clothes on her Instagram because she can and because she wants to. I love it. I was Team Aubrey from day one and I still am.



Now that we got that out of the way…GO STREAM DUMBLONDE’S NEW ALBUM!


Aubrey O’Day is a pop-music genius and that’s all there is to it. That’s not shade to Shannon because mama holds her own with the harmonies and the stage shows, but Aubrey is the creative director of dumblonde and Bianca is every bit as tight as their debut was, but in Disco.

A disco album. They got me with a DISCO album. I’m obsessed.

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