I want a big TV event.

I love that we have so many television options, but I’m kinda jealous that we won’t ever have a Luke & Laura’s Wedding or a Who Shot JR moment where 100 million people watch the same thing so everybody is talking about it the next day at work.

90 million people tuned in to find out who shot JR when Dallas came back from its cliffhanger. That means 75% of people watching TV at that time were watching that episode. The total US population was only 225 million, so that’s 40% of America doing the same thing at the same time. Crazy!

Now, shows are lucky — LUCKY!! — if they can pull 15 million people for a premiere.

We don’t have big water cooler conversations about TV anymore. Now we just talk about what stupid thing Cheetolini said.

I’m sad. 😦

Also, while we’re here: The Dallas theme song still goes so hard. 

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