Soft reboot? Soft reboot!

I was toying around with this back in March…but then depression got the best of me.

So THEN I was gonna do this in May….but I got fired and we didn’t have any internet at home because my roommate is an asshole who yelled at customer service so much they banned us forever.

So now it’s August and I need to put this little piece of the Life Pie in place before my birthday so I can really focus on getting back on track with treating my depression. I’ve been talking to the internet to work through my emotions and my thoughts about the world since boarding school, but when I’m depressed, I don’t want to write. But when I’m not writing, I get more depressed. So then what do we do? We eat Oreos a whole row at a time and re-watch Gilmore Girls from season one again for the fifth time.

(I’m not knocking either of those by the way. I fully engage in both even when I’m not depressed, but just not every day.)

Over the next few weeks the goal is to take some of my favorite posts from tumblr and migrate them over here so I can link to them when I need to because tumblr basically flagged everything I’ve ever written as Adult Content and appealing every single post isn’t worth the effort.

So that’s that. Hi!

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