Hot Takes: The Lion King

— Start with the most pressing: Beyonce isn’t nearly as bad as I expected her to be, given her less-than-impressive acting in the past. She’s not the best in the cast and it’s a little distracting when adult Nala speaks because Bey’s voice is so distinctive, but she did the job fine.

— Beyonce as a singer does not work in this movie though because no one else is on her level! Why didn’t they get singers to sing if they *had* to have actors with a name doing the voices? I can understand (understand, not agree with) having Emma Watson sing Belle because you see her as Belle. I can understand all of those other actors singing their parts, because you see the actor and you want it to be seamless or whatever. But The Lion King is still an ANIMATED movie…and animated movies have a different person SINGING if the actor who was hired doesn’t have the best chops for that. Beyonce singing with Donald Glover? That’s. Never gonna match. Have Beyonce sing with Luke Bryan.

— Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen stole the movie. The only time I laughed (yes, I only laughed once) was during one of their scenes.

— Okay. I can’t figure why I hate this movie, because my criticism isn’t consistent. I can’t say the animals look “too real” because I loved Homeward Bound and Look Who’s Talking Too and Milo and Otis, which had REAL animals and voiceovers. I can’t say the lions look too fake, because I loved the animated Lion King. I think it’s because the suspension of belief isn’t there. In a Homeward Bound situation, we know the animals are actually doing what’s on screen and it adds to the cuteness and enjoyment. We know the animals in The Lion King have been animated, so there’s no cuteness. Everything is just so flat.

— I wish this was a Nat Geo “documentary” with the same storyline, but instead of voice acting, it was a narrator with a British accent giving us the story.

— Beyonce calling anybody else The Queen almost made me laugh. The sheer ridiculousness!

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