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Ole Miss racists posing with Emmett Till sign suspended by frat.

They look ready to commit a hate crime. That photo says Emmett Till deserved what he got, because he was Black and wasn’t sufficiently deferential to a white person. That photo says Black people who don’t know their place deserve to be tortured and murdered. That photo says Black people are not safe on campus and the fact that Ole Miss didn’t come to the same conclusion is the reason we still fight for the viability of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.



At my big age of [redacted] having been on Al Gore’s Internet for the past 20 years, you’d think I’d be numb to white maliciousness. There are white people who hate us — why am I still surprised? Yet here I am, shocked once again, that some white boys would go out of their way to express their hatred of Black people so publicly and completely unprovoked.

One week after a photo emerged of white University of Mississippi students posing with guns in front of a bullet-riddled sign honoring murdered civil rights icon Emmett Till, campus groups and faculty have denounced the school’s weak response, demanding the administration discipline the students and remove a Confederate statue from university property.

The three students in the photo were suspended by their fraternity, the Ole Miss chapter of Kappa Alpha, an organization with its own racist history. (The fraternity’s website refers to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee as its “spiritual founder.”)

But Anne Twitty, an associate professor of history at Ole Miss, said the three students should be expelled.

(cont. HuffPo)

Do you need a refresher on what happened to Emmett Till?

In 1955, Emmett was a 14-year-old boy from Chicago visiting relatives in Mississippi for the summer. Carolyn Bryant was a 21-year-old white woman who owned a grocery store with her husband. Emmett and his cousins went to the store where Carolyn was tending shop alone while her sister-in-law attended to other duties in the back. What happened in the shop is unclear after all these years but most (reliable, non-fabricated accounts by Carolyn) say one of three things happened:

  1. Emmett, who went to integrated schools in Chicago, said he had white friends and his cousins dared him to speak to Carolyn.
  2. Emmett, who was always joking around, whistled at Carolyn to get a laugh out of his cousins, who were terrified at what just happened because a Black boy (Black man, to racists) cannot whistle at a white woman in Mississippi.
  3. Emmett, who had a stutter, whistled while he was talking to alleviate his stutter, something he had a habit of doing.

Carolyn said 14-year-old Emmett Till grabbed her wrist, asked her for a date, grabbed her around the waist, told her not to be afraid of him, said he’d been with white women before, and asked her if she could take it.

A 14-year-old Black boy. In 1955. To a white woman. Is supposed to have done all that.

In 2008, Carolyn finally admitted on her deathbed that she had been lying about the physical and verbal advances, and she said in an interview that “nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him.” (x)

Later that night after Carolyn’s husband Roy and his half-brother JW heard about the incident, they asked around to find out what boy offended his wife. They said they had intended to kidnap Emmett, beat him up to scare him, and then send him on his way. According to Roy and JW, when they were beating him, Emmett called them bastards, said he was just as good as they were, and bragged that he had been with white women before. So they continued to beat and torture him before shooting him in the head and tossing his body in the river. When Emmett’s body was found, his mother insisted on an open-casket for the funeral and the photo of his mutilated body was printed in newspapers and magazines across the country. It was one of the sparks of the Civil Rights Movement.

So we have here an innocent 14-year-old boy who AT MOST whistled at a white woman in a store, and for that he was beaten and tortured by two men and then murdered. What continues to shock me is the reality that white men in 2019 derive some kind of pleasure from mocking this boy. Why am I shocked? I’ve seen this before. White people reveling in Black pain is not new to me, which is one of the reasons I stopped re-posting videos of the police brutalizing our community. I think it shocks me every time because I don’t have a frame of reference for it. If someone is in pain, I feel their pain too, whether I like them or not. It’s the commonality of human experience. I can put myself in their shoes and understand how they’re feeling. What is it about a roadside memorial for a 14-year-old boy that makes ANYBODY — racist or not — want to gleefully pose next to its bullet-ridden sign with shotguns?

And how does this not rise to the level of expulsion by the university? They got suspended by their fraternity (which is already racist, given their belief that General Robert E. Lee is their “spiritual founder”) and that’s it. They look ready to commit a hate crime. That photo says Emmett Till deserved what he got, because he was Black and wasn’t sufficiently deferential to a white person. That photo says Black people who don’t know their place deserve to be tortured and murdered. That photo says Black people are not safe on campus and the fact that Ole Miss didn’t come to the same conclusion is the reason we still fight for the viability of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
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Dean Browning…Dan Purdy…and a plot twist!

Blackfishing took a wild ride today!



Pay close attention, because this is a rollercoaster!

In case you don’t know what blackfishing is, the term was first applied to white Instagram “models” who augment their looks to such a degree that they try to pass as light-skinned or biracial Black women for clout and sponsorships from Black brands. Here’s Swedish Instagram model Emma Hallberg for reference:

We’ve also been witness to the rise of white people in academic or activist circles posing as Black people or people of color to give their points of view more weight. Rachel Dolezal is the poster-child, but we’ve seen a number of professors — Jessica Krug and Craig Chapman most notably — outed this year for being just regular ol’ white folks pretending to be minorities.

Further down that chain we have anonymous accounts on social media pretending to be Black people. White racists and Conservatives from across MAGA Nation pretend to be Black online so they can spew racist views from a “Black” person and have their words picked up by the masses.

It’s not a racist white man saying Black people are violent criminals! It’s one of their own so it must be true!

Today…one got found out…and it has truly been a ride. Buckle up for safety!

This is Dean Browning.

His Twitter bio says “Former Lehigh County Commissioner. A proud pro-life & pro-2A Christian conservative dedicated to enacting common sense solutions to Keep America Great.” Check out this deleted conversation from earlier today.

The first one seems like something a Conservative from Pennsylvania would say, but then he forgot to log out of his regular account and into his “anonymous” account before chiming in with a voice from the Black community. Twitter quickly lit his ass up and he went viral because that’s the kind of mistake you rarely see. Dean deleted the tweet, but screencaps are forever, so he tried to mitigate the damage with a weak I was quoting someone else excuse.

But that doesn’t feel right, because this Dan Purdy is clearly a fake account that uses the “I’m Black and gay!” line over and over to make his terrible points stick.

But wait!  The real Dan Purdy has decided to weigh in!

If he deletes that, someone let me know and I’ll upload the video because of course I saved it just in case.

EDIT: His account is already suspended so here’s the video.


So what’s going on here? Did Dan Purdy really reach out to Dean Browning and express that opinion? It’s hard to fight visual evidence, but the Internet does not take such revelations lightly and some people believe Dean hired an actor to make that video. I’m not saying I believe it, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that this isn’t even the first fake Dan Purdy account. The first one got suspended and that one didn’t even pretend to be gay and Black initially: It was a white man going by Pat Riarchy

So it looks like this man in the video is just some random guy Dean Browning found to cover his ass.

Except! Except! We can find that guy, with the same avatar and everything, on Facebook and his name is William “Byl” Holte.

OK. So. There’s a guy by the name of Byl Holte who has been posing under the name Dan Purdy online, first as a white MAGA patriot that got suspended from the platform. In his current iteration, he is indeed Black and gay, but still Conservative, and sent a message of support to his friend, good ol’ Dean, who copy/pasted directly instead of adding any quotations.

I think that’s what happened here.

Oh one more thing: Do you know any famous people with the last name Holte? The only one I can think of is Patricia Holte, who now goes by Patti Labelle. Right, that’s the thing — William is her son!


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Young white murderers are little boys. Young Black victims are grown men.

Racism, the assumptions around Black people, and the perceptions of Black children are all baked into the fabric of this country, and Conservative White America keeps that oven turned up every single day. 



Kyle Rittenhouse is a 17-year-old wannabe policeman who carried an AR-15 across state lines to feel masculine, patriotic, and important, and he ultimately killed two people and injured another. Former Attorney General of Florida Pam Bondi says he’s just a little boy who was protecting his community.

He wasn’t protecting his community — he lives half an hour away. He had to have his mother drive him there.

He’s not a little kid — he’ll be 18 in December, old enough to vote and go to war.

He’s not a victim — protesters wouldn’t have been chasing him if he hadn’t shown up from out of town carrying a rifle that he legally wasn’t supposed to have anyway.

This is what Conservative White America watches all day, celebrations and exaltations of white murderers contrasted with demonizations and vilifications of Black victims. And when the murderer is young, Conservative White America rallies around them to magnify their youth and exaggerate their innocence. Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer who gets to be a “little boy” and Dylann Roof is a murderer who gets to be a “sweet kid” but our young victims don’t have that luxury.

Michael Brown was 18 years old.

His murderer, who is the same height as Michael Brown, said he wasn’t a boy — he was a demon — and it was like wrestling with Hulk Hogan. (x)

Trayvon Martin was 17 years old.

He was walking home from the store when his murderer decided to stalk him, confront him, and then kill him because he was afraid of a child. (x)

Tamir Rice was 12 years old.

He and Kyle Rittenhouse are similar in that they were both carrying guns. Of course, Tamir’s was a toy and he was shot seconds after officers saw it, because what they thought they saw was a grown man carrying a deadly weapon. Officers on the scene said he was “maybe 20.” (x)

Law enforcement starts to see Black children as older than white children starting around 10 years old. After that, Black children have an extra four years tacked on to their age (on average), and when that Black child is accused of a crime, he’s more likely to be assumed guilty.

“Children in most societies are considered to be in a distinct group with characteristics such as innocence and the need for protection. Our research found that black boys can be seen as responsible for their actions at an age when white boys still benefit from the assumption that children are essentially innocent,” said author Phillip Atiba Goff, PhD, of the University of California, Los Angeles. The study was published online in APA’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology®.

(cont. American Psychological Association)

We talk about defunding the police in the context of unlawful police shootings and racially motivated police brutality, and the counterarguments focus on reforming the police instead: They just need more training. They just need to learn more de-escalation strategies. There’s no training that will change 400 years of racially charged propaganda that has painted Black people, males especially, as aggressive, criminal, brutes. There’s no training that will suddenly make police officers see Black children as Black children when 400 years of media and history has painted Black kids as older and more dangerous than they are because Black people in general are framed as more dangerous and more aggressive than white people. Racism, the assumptions around Black people, and the perceptions of Black children are all baked into the fabric of this country, and Conservative White America keeps that oven turned up every single day.
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Black people cannot sway an election.

Handwringing by Embarrassed Whites over the Black vote has to die. Y’all lost the 2016 election because you didn’t do enough to convince your families and social circles that Trump would destroy the country.



There’s a white lady on Twitter with a very long thread about the 2016 election that I am absolutely not going to read, because all I needed was this:

In case she deletes the tweet, because sometimes people do that online when they’re getting dragged, Claire Berlinski said Donald Trump would not be President if Black people who voted for Obama had turned out in the same numbers for Hillary. I see variations of that all the time, trying to shift the blame for Trump onto Black people instead of examining it where it lay, with racist whites. White people blaming us for the election are embarrassed to be associated with them, so they deflect, but Black people don’t exist in large enough numbers to have the kind of impact these Embarrassed Whites want to imagine. Very very simple math proves this, so let’s just get it out of the way up top.

In 2016, 11% of Black people who had voted for Obama didn’t vote at all. 12% of white people who had voted for Obama voted for Trump. The US population is 63.4% white and 13.4% Black. There are almost five times as many white people in this country as Black people, so let’s apply that to the graph she posted.


For simpler math, say the top bar shows 100 white people, which would mean the bottom bar would show 21 Black people, because that’s our ratio in this country. You see where this is going already I’m sure. This means 12 white Obama voters voted for Trump while TWO Black Obama voters didn’t vote at all. Embarrassed Whites want to shift blame from 12 white people to 2 Black people because it makes them feel better about not addressing politics with their relatives and acquaintances.

That part is factual — the original graph is from an article on the Washington Post. What I’m about to say next is more conjecture based on common knowledge that’s already out there because I don’t have the research background (time, really) to pull the numbers on all of this. Take what you know about gerrymandering, about housing discrimination, and about redlining, and apply that to the numbers. We don’t have a 1 person = 1 vote system. We have an electoral system where 100 people are consolidated into 1 vote based on who the majority of that 100 wanted.

51 people vote A. 49 people vote B. A wins.
51 people vote A. 49 people vote B. A wins again.
10 people vote A. 90 people vote B. B wins.

The votes are 112 to 188, but A wins the whole shebang because A won twice.  (That’s how Trump won.) Because of the aforementioned gerrymandering, housing discrimination, and redlining, most of the Black people are sitting in the 90 person block of people who voted for B. Every Black person in America could have voted in 2016, and it would not have had the effect on the election that Embarrassed Whites like to pretend it would have because the US electoral system has consolidated our voting power into tiny blocs cordoned off from the rest of the population.

Harlem is going to vote Democrat. The equivalent of Harlem in Dallas or Birmingham or Memphis is going to vote Democrat. You can convince another few thousand Black people to go vote for your candidate in the Harlems across the country, and it didn’t do anything to tip the balance of the election because Candidate A has still won two contests. It’s only increasing the margin of victory for Candidate B in one result. There aren’t enough Black people in these 95% white voting districts (dotted all across the country in red states with more cows than people) to say, “well if Black people voted we wouldn’t be here.” You’ll have one extra Black vote in Montana for every 20 extra Black votes in Harlem.

Handwringing by Embarrassed Whites over the Black vote has to die. Y’all lost the 2016 election because you didn’t do enough to convince your families and social circles that Trump would destroy the country. You are going to lose the 2020 election for that same reason if you keep worrying about what we are doing over here. Spend less time focusing on Black turnout and more time convincing your communities that they need to go vote. Ours has been taken advantage of, disappointed enough, and blamed so many times that we have honestly earned the right to say “screw this, y’all fix it, I’m tired.”
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