Broccoli Quinoa Salad!!

We peak White Womaning today, Carole!

No lie y’all…this is one of my favorite new dishes I’ve put in my face this summer so big ups to Miss Judi for continuing to throw random combinations of ingredients at me for the past 15 years.

This dish came from Basically, but Judi changed some stuff because in all of the years she’s been cooking for me, I think she’s had all the ingredients listed in the recipe maybe twice. (If you see me in a bar, remind me to tell you about the time she burnt up a stuffed loin of pork and then saved it by dumping everything on it but baking soda — I can’t tell it without the arm motions.)

Anyway, I rarely cook, I don’t like cooking, and I hate grocery shopping. I drink a lot of Soylent because food is a hassle, but there are things I like having on hand, and one of those is a good refrigerated side to just pop out anytime. Also, I like new ways to eat raw vegetables because I hate cooking. Still, when she told me what she was making I was not sold at all on these components:

We didn’t have any dates, so she used cranberries.
We didn’t have any almonds or red pepper flakes, so she used radishes. (We got some almonds last night though to finish it off today.)
We also added fresh black pepper.

Y’all. It slaps. We ate it for three days. One day for lunch, we hardboiled a couple of eggs and threw em in there. Last night for dinner, I had some grilled chicken breast and threw it in there. The broccoli is still fresh and crunchy three days on and I feel mad healthy after I finish a bowl. Like a responsible white woman who puts laundry away as soon as it comes out of the dryer.

So that’s a cute non-cooking summer recipe for a good side dish or light lunch (or heavy lunch! maybe some of y’all don’t eat that much).
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