Maritza from Taina invented Grease Bags.

Y’all remember Taina? With one of the best theme songs Nickelodeon ever produced?

The other day I was randomly googling different things, as one does when they are unemployed and eating whole cheesecakes at a time, when I stumbled upon Maritza’s twitter.

Maritza Refresher, for the uncultured:

Beyonce is shaking! Whitney is rolling over in her grave! Queen of vocals!

And the environment!

If — for some reason! — you are not saving your old cooking oil in a coffee can on the stove or a fancy metal canister with GREASE stamped on the side, you have to dispose of it somewhere and there aren’t any great options. It’ll clog your pipes or destroy your lawn. Maritza (real name LaTangela) fixed all that with Grease Bags, which are compostable bags that turn oil into “earth-friendly hydrocarbons.” (x)

Today I learned: Maritza is a businesswoman!
Venmo: Rafi-DAngelo
CashApp: $RafiDAngelo

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