“America is not unique in its sins.” — Prof. Eddie Glaude

When Professor Eddie Glaude says America is not unique in its sins, he’s absolutely right, but we do exist at an intersection all our own where racism, guns, and exceptionalism combine.

We have too many guns and we refuse to address how white supremacy affects every policy decision, but beyond that, we live in a country where those in power grew up being told America was number one. In everything. We were the best, the strongest, the smartest, and the most moral. They move through their lives with the belief that every idea they have is the best idea because they’re Americans.

Criticism from another country about guns or white supremacy? They’re not The Best or The Smartest so why would we listen to them? Criticism from younger generations about guns or white supremacy? They got participation trophies and fancy tech doodads that weren’t available to make life easier back in the day so they’re soft.

America does not accept its sins because America is run by people who first, benefit from those sins, but also refuse to accept that anything could possibly be wrong because they were told they were the best at everything.

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