The President doesn’t get to make mistakes.

“Everybody makes mistakes sometimes, except those who disagree with someone who made a mistake. ” — A Trump supporter in my mentions

Once upon a time, Barack Obama said there were 57 states. It was a mistake. He misspoke.

I actually don’t even remember when it happened and the only reason I know it happened is because Trump supporters remind me of that anytime I point to the latest stupid thing Cheetolini let fall out of his strangely anus-like mouth. It’s 2019 and I’ve grown proud of that mistake. That one mistake. That singular instance trotted out by Trump’s America as a big GOTCHA! moment to show that Obama wasn’t infallible. I’m proud of it because it’s one of the few they have. To answer the hundreds of “mistakes” and gaffes and misspeaks by Pumpkin Spice Putin, MAGAts say “well one time Obama didn’t know how many states there were so ha ha he was just as bad and now you’re a hypocrite.”

The President of the United States should be the best of us. He shouldn’t make mistakes. When he does make a mistake, it should be clear that it was a slip of the tongue, a moment where we all agree “hey…he’s human too, sometimes the wrong number comes out.” When the President has so many mistakes that there are articles written about his reading level, it’s not a “he’s human too” moment. It’s making excuses for an unqualified boor just because he trumpets your personal brand of racism. When your first response to the Trump making a mistake is to point out the mistake that someone else made while criticizing Trump, you’re not making a great case by comparing the leader of the country to an everyday nobody on the Internet.

I don’t have to cut straight. I want my heart surgeon to cut straight.
I don’t have to read an altimeter correctly. I want my pilot to read an altimeter correctly.
I don’t have to spellcheck on Facebook. I want my President to be able to fucking read.

There should be no reason to bend over backward to excuse the President for repeatedly making “mistakes” that no 3rd grader would make. Part of the problem with stupid people is they want to relate to their President, have a beer with their President. They think they’re smarter than they really are and they think they themselves would do a good job running the country so they elect idiots just like them.

The President should be the best of us. The smartest, the brightest, the most diplomatic, and the one most qualified to run the country. Trump is an idiot and so is anyone else who excuses his endless litany of “mistakes.”
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