Three strikes for Karamo.

*EYE* personally did not need three strikes to remove Karamo from my (very short) list of people I give a shit about. To be honest, he barely made it to the lower rungs anyway after his stint on the Real World because, while I didn’t care for him at all, he was still a visible gay Black man and you want the best for members of your underrepresented tribe.

Until they talk too much.

Strike One: Karamo thinks y’all are lonely sexual deviants who should make Gay Pride celebrations welcoming for midwestern families.

I hope y’all remember how shady this Queerty opinion piece was, where the author paired quotes about Karamo’s puritanical view of what gay life should be with thot pictures he’d posted on Instagram (and has since deleted).


  • The apps are the worst and nobody has ever found a relationship there.
  • Keep your clothes on — a picture doesn’t say anything about your hopes and dreams.
  • There’s too much dick at Gay Pride. What will Rusty & Carole from Oklahoma think?!

Meanwhile, he had the whole outline of his dick in multiple pictures that no longer appear on his IG (but that I’m sure you can find if you care to Google…I do not.)

Strike Two: Sean Spicer is a good guy.

Sean Spicer told America that there were millions of fraudlent votes in the 2016 election.

He said Trump was wiretapped by the Obama administration.

He made up lies about the Holocaust.

He HID IN THE BUSHES so he wouldn’t have to face the press because, unlike Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Spicer is a liar who doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to the truth. He’s just a joke of a man with no moral compass looking for money, success, and notoriety at any cost. He is the most average blob of cottage cheese mediocrity, undermining American democracy for months and setting us down this path of lies being the norm.

Karamo says he’s a sweet guy though.

Strike Three: Karamo thinks being paid to be (by far) the weakest link on a makeover show means he’s a warrior for justice.

Isn’t it interesting how Karamo has no problem proclaiming his excitement to engage with Sean Spicer to discuss their different points of view, yet he’s quick to block queer people on Twitter who express a POV counter to his middle-of-the-road approach to fascism?

I just find it mildly hilarious that the LOUDEST WRONGEST one is the least integral to the group. Imagine if LaTavia had grabbed the mic at every Destiny’s Child interview and said “Angela Bassett is overrated” or “McDonald’s Sprite really ain’t all that.” Sir you are the most replaceable so it would behoove you to keep your little common-ground mouth shut. There is no common ground with bigotry. Where do you meet in the middle with a fascist?

Karamo bout to mess around and watch the next season premiere without him and he won’t find out about it until it pops up on Netflix, just like LaTavia sitting at home watching “Say My Name” with Michelle & Farrah.

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