Hot Takes: The Boys

I don’t really know Erin Moriarty (Starlight) but she gives me big Kristen Bell vibes, in a good way.

Kudos to the casting director because every actor is really committed their character and I believe all of them. Props to Jennifer Esposito popping in too because I haven’t seen much of her since NCIS.

Hughie in the comics is based on Simon Pegg, so having Simon play the dad is great.

Y’all think this is a good show because it’s superheroes being bad and people dying violently, but the writing is SO BAD, multiple scenes make no sense, the whole series could’ve been 3 or 4 episode shorter, and characters make the most ridiculous decisions that don’t enhance the show at all and only make you go “why would you do that?”

Are there any male superheroes who are decent human beings?

The guy who plays Butcher should *never* grow a beard and I can’t remember ever saying that about anyone.

Why are all their outfits ugly? Hire more gays next time. Use the ones who decided to make promos of Chace with a boner. That was good marketing.

There’s nobody to root for and that makes the viewing experience a waste of time for me. If I don’t care who wins, I can’t get invested in the character, because whether they succeed or fail, live or die, doesn’t matter to me.

**** spoilers ****

Did Black Noir ever do anything? I know what/who he is from the comics, but what/who is he in the show?

They made Stillwell a woman (great, the comic was lacking in women) but then Homelander killed her, unlike the male version of her in the books. I don’t like that. I don’t like taking arguably the most powerful woman in the show, sticking her in the fridge for an episode to use her as a plot device to get to a man, and then doing away with her.

The Deep is beyond useless. How did he get into the Seven?

Episode 4 or 5 or 6 (somewhere in the middle) went ALL IN on the racial stereotypes for no reason. The only Asian in the cast is a dirty, mute, savage who goes running through an Asian nail salon, of all businesses. The only Middle Easterners we see in the whole series are hijacking a plane (and then in the finale, we see some more…as terrorists). The only Black man in the Seven is hooked on drugs (and eventually dies from them). It’s just lazy writing! We’ve seen all of that before. Do something else.

If Stillwell’s murder means Giancarlo Esposito gets promoted to main cast next season, I *might* watch it. Otherwise, y’all can have it.


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