The Brangelina Brood is BIG.

When did this happen?


I remember when Brad & Angelina first bought


adopted! their United Colors of Benetton ad

nursery of brown babies

lovely children! and now these kids are so big!

Is it too late for me to be adopted by rich white people? Even if they’re getting a divorce and one is probably an alcoholic? If y’all know somebody looking for a cute, bubbly, 360-month old brown baby to adopt, holler.

Anyway. I’ve played enough, so let’s be serious real quick about white people — especially American white people of means — adopting brown babies from every exotic corner of the world:

Good for them. I’ve talked mad shit about Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, etc. over the years but it’s all in jest. I’m not seriously upset with any white woman for adoption a child in need.

Would it be better for them to adopt kids from the US instead of foreign countries? You could make an argument for that, but I don’t really want to, because borders are artificial and kids who need help need help wherever they are. Whether you adopt a child domestically or internationally, the net good is still accomplished — a child now has a home.

The image of white people with brown babies will always make me blink twice. But just twice, and then I let it go. I’ve not yet learned to control that initial impulse, but the rational, logical side of me is right there to keep that impulse from becoming a lasting judgement. Are there white kids in need that celebrities could adopt just as easily? Yes there are, but I don’t really want to make an argument for that either because, like I said, kids who need help need help wherever they are and regardless of what they look like. The net good is still accomplished — a child now has a home. Whether those parents will prepare their non-white children for life in a country built on white supremacy has nothing to do with whether they should’ve adopted brown kids in the first place, because I can’t predict or assume anyone’s parenting skills on any subject, race relations included.

The Brangelina Brood looks healthy and happy. Good for all of em.

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