Hey Aunt Lindsey, what is “quid pro quo” to you?

Lindsey Graham, the Southern Belle of the US House: There was no inappropriate quid pro quo scenario on the Ukraine call.

Boston Globe: Describe “an inappropriate quid pro quo” scenario.

Princess Peach Lindsey Graham: [direct quote] “‘Uh, hey pal, you know, you need to like, go after the Bidens or I ain’t gonna give you any money.’ He’d be really, like, thuggish about it.”

Y’all, please forgive Matroness Lindsey Olin Graham Sugarbaker Devereaux. When the Boston Globe asked that very clear question, she simply misheard it as “quid pro n*gg*r” that’s all. She’s getting on in years.

I can’t believe this is real life y’all what is happening 🤣🤣🤣


In case you get stuck at the Boston Globe’s paywall, here’s a link to the tweet by the journalist who asked the question and recorded the answer: https://twitter.com/jessbidgood/status/1177208595861200898

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