Read the full whistleblower complaint.

The whistleblower complaint was declassified this morning, with the exception of certain information relating to national security, and it doesn’t feel like a bombshell because we’ve already had 2 years and 248 days of explosions related to this orange baby stomping his way through the government.

The only thing that surprised me about the complaint is how clear and direct it is. This is not a days long slog through 500 pages of minutia. This is less than 10 pages of a seemingly regular person who says, “lots of people told me about a call, that call fit a pattern of behavior that shows the President abusing the power of the office, and a lot of people were worried about it so much so that they tried to hide it from anyone who wasn’t absolutely necessary.”

Is it enough to take down a President? Absolutely. Is it enough to take down a Republican President in the post-Newt Gingrich political climate of tribalism and Us-vs-Them rabid support from the GOP senators needed to vote him out of office? Absolutely not. Is it a way to possibly investigate this administration for other hidden calls that may prove more damning and indefensible? Possibly.

Bill Clinton was being investigated for a shady real estate deal…that led to lying about a blowjob from Monica Lewinsky for which he was ultimately impeached. He was wildly popular, the economy was strong, the public did not want to waste time on oral sex with an intern, and he wasn’t voted out of office. Trump is unpopular, the economy is slowing down, the public doesn’t want further interference in our elections from foreign countries, and there could (small chance, but could) be something that makes Trump a liability for Republican Senators seeking reelection.

Anyway, here’s the complaint in full. Read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. (If your conclusion isn’t that Trump is abusing the office of the Presidency to help him win reelection, you shouldn’t be in this corner of the internet.)

If the words in the photos of the complaint are too small, there’s a text link at the bottom.
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