What’s the Democratic equivalent to #EatTheBabies?

Short Version: A woman at AOC’s town hall said we should start eating babies to quell climate change and now #EatTheBabies is trending because AOC didn’t make the woman stop talking.

Longer Version: AOC held a town hall last night and the floor was open for comments. A woman with an accent and a bad wig stood up and said the focus on fossil fuels wasn’t enough and that AOC’s new campaign slogan needed to be Eat the Babies because we only have a few months left to live.

When I watched the video, I didn’t take the woman seriously at all. Either she was a bad actress put there to force AOC into making a soundbyte about eating babies, or she was a woman struggling with mental health issues. Whatever the case, it wasn’t a serious proposal by someone genuinely interested in climate change and AOC responded accordingly — by not responding and letting her talk.

Of course every right wing news outlet pushed the video to their followers to show that the Left has become so unhinged over climate change that now we’re suggesting the solution is to eat babies, and the Trumps couldn’t resist piling on.

It’s beyond dishonest. I can’t even fully wrap my head around the concept or what they truly believe. Do they really think the Left is so full of crazies that we think this is a viable solution? Or do they think the Left is causing so much unfounded panic over a fake issue that people on the fringes of sanity are pushed over the edge by our warnings? Or will they use any opportunity to push a negative narrative about the Left no matter how extreme it is because they know a large portion of their base will receive it as fact?

AOC saw the video trending, so she responded like a reasonable human being.

I’m sure part of AOC felt like it was a stunt cooked up by some faction of Republicans — she’s well read, she might be familiar with Jonathan Swift’s famous political satire about selling children — but to outright make that accusation would make the story bigger than it needed to be. It deserved no air. The Right has spent the past 12 hours pretending that they actually needed AOC to come out and say “no, eating babies is wrong,” and because she didn’t say that, she endorses eating babies.

Typing this feel surreal. I can’t even believe this is a discussion, that thought leaders and highly visible people in one of America’s two major political parties are having “serious” conversations about why an opposing politician won’t denounce eating babies.

Ryan Saavedra has over 300,000 followers.

Candace Owens has almost two million followers.

I could post examples all day or you can go to twitter and look at the #EatTheBabies hashtag. They’re pushing this narrative to their followers that AOC didn’t denounce eating babies, so she must be okay with it. AOC receives more death threats than any other person in Congress, so not only is it irresponsible but it’s also dangerous to position her as a woman who is okay with eating babies. They’re calling her Ocannibal-Cortez in replies now.

That would be enough, but we have one more level to claw through: A Republican PAC has taken credit for planting that woman in AOC’s town hall.

The woman was apparently part of an attempt by a right-wing fringe political group to embarrass the Democratic congresswoman. Late Thursday, a Twitter account belonging to the LaRouche PAC — which was founded by conspiracy theorist Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. — took credit for the stunt. A historian who has documented the organization said the woman’s outburst was “a fairly well-established tactic for them.”

“They’ve been doing this since the ’70s,” Matthew Sweet, whose book “Operation Chaos” delved into the group’s complex history, told The Washington Post. “The tactic is you go to a political meeting and you create a disturbance that disrupts the meeting, and more importantly, that creates a kind of chaos.”

(cont. Washington Post)

Now, the Republicans have had to completely abandon the angle that Democratic rhetoric around climate change has led to this point where unhinged liberals want to eat babies. Now it doesn’t matter whether the woman was serious or not — it only matters that AOC didn’t condemn her.



Y’all already know I think anyone who identifies as a Republican is morally bankrupt. I don’t trust them, I don’t believe them, and the country would be better off without them. That said, dishonesty runs through both parties and I don’t take career politicians at face value regardless of their party affiliation. Still, I can’t come up wit the Democratic equivalent of #EatTheBabies where an obvious misrepresentation of a situation is made viral even after the truth becomes evident that it was members of your own party who created the scene. They knowingly push out false narratives over and over and I am at a complete loss as to how we should deal with it. How can anyone be expected to have a conversation of any substance with any Republican? We’ve gotten to the point where they are pretending a sitting politician endorses eating babies. There’s nowhere left to go.

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