Hot Takes: Little Monsters

This is the best rom-com I’ve ever seen in my life. To be fair, the list of romantic comedies I love is very short. But still. A rom-com zombie horror movie that would work without zombies means the characters are believable.

Of course Australia — where everything in nature is actually trying to kill you — would have a zombie compound next to a children’s petting zoo.

These kids are SO GOOD! The lead little boy has great timing, but the other kids have such good lines and reaction shots. Filming a movie with kids is HARD. Filming a movie with kids while shielding them from the blood, gore, and foul language is even harder. They did such a good job.

Give Lupita all the awards. She shot this low-budget zombie flick after Black Panther because she wanted to do something different and she wanted to dip a toe into comedy. Lupita can do anything. The fact that this is only her 10th movie since winning her Oscar (while other actors shoot 3 to 5 a year) means she is selective and waits for good scripts. This is a good script.

Hitting kids is bad. Hitting other people’s kids is even worse. But sometimes………

I thought sagging your pants went out of style? For awhile, everybody did it, but I thought we let that die and now it’s back to just teens and 20somethings in neighborhoods that have a Malcolm X Blvd. Are straight white men still participating in that? In Australia? Like, whole ass just out above the belt?

Lupita’s poor wig.

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