Benson & Stabler would’ve already arrested this White House aide avoiding a subpoena.

WASHINGTON (AP) — An ex-White House adviser who’s supposed to testify before House impeachment investigators on Monday has asked a federal court whether he should comply with a subpoena or follow President Donald Trump’s directive against cooperating in what he dubs a “scam.”

After getting a subpoena Friday, former deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman quickly filed a lawsuit in U.S. district court in Washington. He asked a judge to decide whether he should accede to House demands for his testimony or to assert “immunity from congressional process” as directed by Trump.

(cont. HuffPo)

Imagine a classic episode of SVU. Benson & Stabler are gathering evidence for Cabot to present to the grand jury, who will then vote on whether there is enough evidence to bring the matter to trial. The perp — who we all know is guilty, because that’s how the show goes — has a hotshot lawyer who tells him not to cooperate with the investigation. But then the lawyer goes one step further and tells everybody the perp knows that THEY shouldn’t cooperate either.

Cabot issues subpoenas for those witnesses because the grand jury needs to hear their testimony if they’re going to make an informed decision about whether or not this case should go to trial. One of the witnesses can’t decide whether to follow his friend’s lawyers advice or answer to the subpoena from the DA, so he files a lawsuit in order to have a judge tell him which instruction is valid — your friend’s lawyer or the DISTRICT ATTORNEY.

CLEARLY this should be a no-brainer, and if this was SVU, Benson and Stabler would’ve already arrested the witness for failing to answer a subpoena. Actually, this doesn’t even have to be SVU because we have high profile witnesses sitting in jail right now because they wouldn’t testify after being issued a subpoena to do so — Chelsea Manning was thrown back in jail seven months ago because she wouldn’t testify in front of a grand jury.

The fact that Republicans are aiding and abetting this President in impeding the House from doing its job, a duty that is outlined in the Constitution they LOVE SO MUCH, is maddening. They are all acting like some grand injustice is being perpetrated against the President because they’re pretending they don’t know how impeachment works. Just a reminder:

Every member of Congress knows this, but Republicans are misleading their constituents and supporters by faking outrage that something sneaky is going on.

Lindsay Graham especially knows how impeachment works because he was there for Bill Clinton’s. He was one of the most vocal supporters of it. Just once I would like to see a journalist ask people like Lindsay this simple, direct question: Why do you intentionally pretend you don’t know how something works to mislead people who really don’t? I just want to hear out of his own mouth that he knows they’re dumb enough not to look up anything for themselves.

And I just want to hear out of their own mouths that their reaction to this impeachment inquiry is unconstitutional just because they’re doing everything they can to protect their President, including telling witnesses not to testify when they’d be arrested for that refusal under any other circumstance.

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