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A moment of faux outrage over Barron Trump.

. Please don’t forget that the youngest Trump got his name from one of the characters Donald created in the 80s when he wanted to call the NY press and plant fake stories about himself. He been bullying that child since before he was a zygote so the GOP can miss me with all the fake outrage.



Stanford University professor Pamela Karlan testified in the impeachment hearing yesterday and she used Trump’s 13-year-old son to illustrate the limit of the President’s powers in comparison to a king.

Oh no! Leave the kids out of it! Don’t bully that child! How dare she! Wait, what did she say though?

That part has been lost in the midst of all this generated outrage by the GOP. Just so we’re all on the same page, this is the comment that has the Republican Party pretending to clutch their pearls and manufacture a story to distract from what’s really going on.

That’s it. That’s the whole quote. Now everybody from Melania to Kellyanne is pretending that’s the worst thing anyone has ever said about a child.

Remember when Sasha and Malia went on Spring Break and Sean Hannity pitched a fit because “we” had to pay for their security details while they go on vacation?

Remember when the Bush twins spoke out to defend Obama’s daughters because the right wing media brought them up too much?

Remember when America decided keeping kids in cages was the same as summer camp?

But “Trump can’t make his son a baron” is the line in the sand.

Y’all. Please don’t forget that the youngest Trump got his name from one of the characters Donald created in the 80s when he wanted to call the NY press and plant fake stories about himself. The only reason he stopped using “John Barron” as one of his pseudonyms is because he got sued and had to admit to using it in open court. He been bullying that child since before he was a zygote so the GOP can miss me with all the fake outrage.
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donald trump

SCOTUS gives NY access to Trump’s tax records.

The Manhattan DA can pursue a subpoena to see Trump’s taxes.



A conversation with Kandi Burruss.

Remember 8,000 years ago when the Manhattan DA requested President Velveeta’s tax returns and a subpoena was issued?


I know girl. It was a long time ago and many things have happened since then, but I promise you that was big news at one point. Anyway, that case has finally made it all the way to the Supreme Court and guess what…


They ruled against Cheetolini!

kandi really

Yes! It’s in the Washington Post and everything so you know it’s legit.

The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected President Trump’s assertion that he enjoys absolute immunity while in office, allowing a New York prosecutor to pursue a subpoena of the president’s private and business financial records.

“In our judicial system, ‘the public has a right to every man’s evidence,’” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote in the New York case, citing an ancient maxim. “Since the earliest days of the Republic, ‘every man’ has included the President of the United States.”

(cont. Washington Post)


But that’s not even my favorite part. There’s more.


The ruling was 7 to 2. Both of the people Trump put on the court ruled against him!


Pumpkin Spice Putin really thought he put some buddies on there to let him run roughshod through the judicial system now look at him!

I love it when he’s mad. I’m just enjoying my lunch picturing him stomping around the office in his houseshoes yelling and reading the decision. Well, having the decision read to him because he’s illiterate.

kandi wasn't nice

Still, nothing would happen before the election and even after that, Trump’s lawyers may find a way to keep prosecutors from actually getting their hands on Trump’s records. His lawyer said they plan on filing more crap in lower courts so it’s not like we’ll actually see anything happen for months or years because the judicial system favors the rich and powerful.


He mad today though. So that’s where I’ma take my lil piece of joy.
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More testing does not mean more positive results.

When someone says more tests mean more positive results, ask them to explain New York.



I don’t know any Conservatives, but some of my friends do, and this is the talking point I see most often from covidiots: The US has more cases because we do more testing.

That is completely false. This isn’t even a situation where there’s a kernel of truth that the Trump Administration has skewed or misrepresented. “The US does more testing” is easy to disprove — and quickly! — so here are a few resources to give those people (who won’t believe you anyway because facts mean nothing to them, but at least you can provide the information and move on).

These are the 10 most affected countries.


For awhile, we were comparing ourselves to Europe to show how well the EU flattened the curve while the situation in the US is spiraling out of control. Europe is done with COVID-19. None of them are in the Top 10 anymore (save for Russia) and there’s no reason to compare the United States to the best. We can now compare ourselves to the worst.

These are the countries doing the most tests (numbers are per million people).

covid testing


That’s it. No deep analysis of the numbers to be had. The only countries in the top ten of testing that are also in the top 10 of new cases are the US and Russia. If new cases was a result of new tests, those top 10 lists would look the same.

More Americans are testing positive than Russians.

(ourworldindata lets you play around with what countries you want to see in case you’re curious about other regions)

Because Russia and the US are the only two countries that are in the top ten for testing and new cases, I wanted to see which country had a higher percentage of positive tests. Russia is at 2.3% and the US is at 7.6%. In the only comparable head to head matchup — a country with a lot of new cases who is also doing a lot of testing — the US is losing.

usa vs russia

I think it’s important to note that back in April, our numbers were largely due to NYC, where half of the cases in the US were located. The resulting drop was also largely due to NYC — because we had so many cases, when we got the situation under control here, the trend for the entire country went down. The US (with the exception of the northeast and parts of the northwest and California) never flattened anything.

I looked at the rate of infection again with both top 20 lists — most cases and most testing — to see where the highest rates of infection are. Admittedly, the US isn’t doing as badly as I thought. However, look whose line is trending upward while the other countries performing the most tests are controlling the spread.

us vs world

The US has moved in the right direction.

Donald Trump has been saying the US does more testing than anybody for the past two months. Luxembourg has done almost four times as many test per capita (but as you may remember, there are many per capitas according to Trump). If you look at new tests recently, the US has continued an upward trend and we’re almost ahead of Russia on a daily basis. But we are nowhere near Luxembourg so Trump will never be able to factually say we do more testing than anybody.


New York has a lot of tests and few cases.

I’ll leave y’all with one more graph to disprove the “more tests equals more cases” lie being drilled into the Fox News audience. This is New York, the original epicenter.

ny tests

When someone says more tests mean more positive results, ask them to explain New York.
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Disney World starts opening this weekend.

Let’s see how quickly this goes from Magic Kingdom to Tragic Kingdom.



The doors to Disney will be back open soon. Two theme parks, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, are set to reopen Saturday for the first time since coronavirus-related closures in March. The resort’s two other theme parks, Epcot and Hollywood Studios, are opening four days later.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was asked Monday during a news conference in The Villages, one of Florida’s largest retirement communities, about the safety of reopening theme parks amid the spike in cases in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis said he was not concerned about the increasing positivity rate in Florida and theme parks welcoming guests again.

“Disney, I have no doubt is going to be a safe environment…”

(cont. CBS Miami)

Ron Pissbaby DeSantis said Disney is going to be a safe environment.

how how how

One. DeSantis wants to be Trump.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is a Trump acolyte who sees himself as a mini-Cheetolini in training. Our Dear Leader downplays coronavirus, so DeSantis downplays coronavirus. President Velveeta cuts funding for coronavirus relief, so Governor Pissbaby cuts funding for coronavirus relief.  They’re both liars and they both lie to their supporters about the rapidly unfolding disaster we have on our hands.

[DeSantis]has wiped out funding for coronavirus treatment in prisons and for online learning services, while insisting schools will reopen in the fall. And he is downplaying the spike in cases in his state, saying that those contracting the virus are younger.

“There’s no need to be fearful,” DeSantis said Monday.

(cont. CNN)

Two. Every metric in Florida is getting worse.

A record high percentage of Floridians tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday.


In NYC, the percentage is hovering around 1% and we can’t even sit in McDonald’s and eat chicken nuggets. Florida is opening Disney and 16% of their tests come back positive. Where in that number does it look safe to open theme parks?

Three. Even Texas has a more sensible response.

Texas and Florida, as the most populous states under Republican governorship, are frequently in a race to see who can be the absolute worst. Florida is definitely winning this race currently. While DeSantis has decided to open Disney and cut funding for online courses because he wants to send kids back to Corona Classrooms in September, Texas’s governor at least has the common sense to admit that COVID-19 is a problem and we’re stuck with it for a very long time.

In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott — who had previously blocked local governments from requiring masks, and had been among the first to reopen businesses — last week reversed himself and issued a mandate requiring masks in most of the state. The move came after he’d shut down all bars, limited restaurants to 50% capacity and halted elective surgeries in coronavirus hot-spots. In a video, he acknowledged what he said was “a stark reality: Covid-19 is not going away. In fact, it’s getting worse.”

(cont. CNN)

Four. The people who are going to Disney are not going to be careful.

I’m sitting here aghast at the thought of thousands of strangers wandering around a theme park. I would never go, because I take this pandemic seriously. There will be nobody like me there, social distancing, washing my hands constantly, wearing a mask everywhere, and shaming anybody I see being lax.

The people who will be there either think this is a hoax or think it’s not as bad as (some) government officials make it out to be. Disney can say as often as anyone will listen that they will have temperature checks and mask requirements, but Costco has mask requirements and their customers in Florida just about pop a vein when you tell them to put it on.

I don’t wanna say you deserve what you get if you go to Disney during a pandemic, because children don’t have a choice and they’re beholden to the idiocy of their parents. But it’s going to be really hard to have sympathy for people who end up on a respirator because they decided some mouse ears and an overpriced funnel cake were worth risking a virus that is quite literally running rampant in the area.

Maybe they think the Kingdom really is Magic but from where I’m sitting…

tragic kingdom
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