Hot Takes: Queen & Slim

Jodie Turner-Smith is a STAR and I will from this moment on watch any move she’s leading.

Also: I did not realize this was the same girl who was trolling the trolls about her relationship with Joshua Jackson. We stan even more.

Also Also: I would not be surprised if she made a push to play Storm once the MCU gets their XMen plans together. She’s tall enough, regal enough, dark enough, beautiful enough, and talented enough. Plus, she’s starting from a British accent, so she could do whatever accent they decide to give Ororo.

Slim is the dumbest character of 2019. Daniel is good in the role, but I couldn’t get into it because the character is annoying.

Melina Matsoukas is VERY MUCH a music video director. That’s not necessarily a good or bad thing, but a great many parts of Queen & Slim feel like a long-form music video, especially when she kept relying on voiceovers.

Lena Waithe did not know how to end this movie. It wasn’t perfect before the third act, but it definitely hit the skids once Chloe Sevigny and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers show up.

Yes, Chloe and Flea are randomly in this for five minutes.

I’m definitely looking forward to Issa Rae’s Valentine’s Day movie next year. We deserve Black love stories that are just about Black people falling in love without a backdrop of danger.


Why does this white man have a whole hiding place under his bedroom floor? What is he afraid of?!

All of the stuff in the house to wear, and Queen picked a spaghetti strap minidress and knee high boots? To run from the cops? When she’s been level-headed and sensible the entire movie? Slim is wearing a whole track suit and she’s in lingerie? Come on….

I get the “character development” arc for Queen, that she’s guarded and uptight and over the course of “falling in love” she becomes more spontaneous and carefree. But no. She didn’t really need to change. She was saddled with an idiot, and if they had split up and gone their separate ways, I guarantee she would’ve found a way to escape all by herself.

I don’t need to see Black people get shot. Ever again. I’ve grown up watching Black people get shot in the movies AND IN REAL LIFE so I don’t need a love story to end with the main characters full of bulletholes care of the police. This trope that a Black Film can’t be a Serious Film if it has a happy ending needs to die. We deserve happy endings SOMEWHERE because we sure as shit ain’t gettin them in real life. Let me go to the movies and watch this Black couple escape from a crime they shouldn’t have had to commit. Damn!

Let me also go to the movies without watching Black people perpetuate this Crabs In A Barrel mentality where we will sacrifice our own to White America just for a quick payday. I’m tired of it. I AM TIRED OF IT.

The whole police protest was unnecessary. Having Queen & Slim have sex interspersed with scenes from the police protest was unnecessary. Having that little boy shoot a BLACK cop in the face was unnecessary. The whole movie would’ve gotten two more points if that entire act had been left out.

The acting was great, I love the idea of the movie, and some individual scenes were really well done, but I was left more annoyed than fulfilled, more upset that grateful for the experience.

6.5 / 10

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