Merry Christmas! (to me!)

** singing **
It’s the most wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeeeaaaarrrrrr

Just kidding, I hate Christmas. However, partly due to these whisky hot toddies I’ve been drinking today waiting on the maintenance man to come see about the hole in our ceiling (he never showed up, obviously), and partly due to all these sad gray clouds outside (bah humbug indeed) I was thinking today about how I haven’t gotten a Christmas gift in years! All my friends go home to their families and the last time I saw any of my family at Christmas was a few years before my mom died.

I think it would be cute to get a couple of boxes from Strangers on the Internet so I made one of those Amazon Wishlists that the IG thots make, except instead of sex toys and tiny underwear, it’s mostly stuff for my bedroom and kitchen gadgets. So you do not in fact get a Thank You Pic of me in a semi-aroused state if I get a present.

Unless you just really need one. They’re still on tumblr somewhere.

So! Here is my boring old lady Xmas Wishlist!

But, also, JSYK, I’m saving up to buy a new computer because mine is 7 years old and dying, so if you’re feeling the holiday spirit and you wanna donate to that fund instead, I have Cash App ($RafiDAngelo) and Paypal (

To help with the spirit, these are my Christmas Divas to set the mooooood.

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