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Joe Biden

No, Joe. We don’t need a Republican Party.

Joe Biden is afraid of what will happen if there’s no GOP. He’s worried about the wrong thing, as usual.



I believe in a certain amount of “balance” in ideologies when it comes to government. I think a bit of push & pull is important because it creates conversation and conversation leads to better ideas. If I want to do X and someone on the other side is telling me “no,” it forces me to really build an argument to convince them, which means being completely educated on the thing I’m trying to do, and that leads to the best implementation of the thing I’m trying to achieve. In most situations, being surrounded by “yes” doesn’t lead to the best version of whatever you’re trying to do or be.

But Joe Biden is completely off the mark with this:

“It’s not like there’s going to be some great epiphany and people are going to wake up and go, ‘oh my God, I’m now a Democrat.’ And if you hear people on the rope line saying, ‘I’m a Republican,’ I say, ‘Stay a Republican.’ Vote for me but stay a Republican, because we need a Republican Party.”

He later added that he’s concerned about what would happen if the Republican Party was totally “clobbered.”

“I’m really worried that no party should have too much power,” he said. “You need a countervailing force.”

(cont. Buzzfeed)

We don’t actually need a Republican Party, especially not in the state its become. They’re not a party of fiscal responsibility or conservative “values.” They’re a party of hate whose base has rallied around punishing whoever they deem to be a less than ideal American. The goal of the Democratic Party (for the most part, and definitely in comparison to the GOP) is to help as many people as possible improve their lives. That is not the goal of the Republican Party and you can’t make an argument to me why there should be a political party whose goal isn’t to help people.

The only push & pull we need in this country is HOW we are going to help people, not this back and forth where the Democrats want to help people and the GOP just….doesn’t. The foundation of government should always be improving lives for all Americans and the balance should only come from differing opinions on how best to make that happen.

Right now the best way to make that happen is to have Joe Biden sit down and be quiet.
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