Bernie isn’t losing to Biden because of Elizabeth Warren.

If you are passionate about Bernie’s ideas and you believe he can facilitate those ideas making it into legislation, vote Bernie. Just know there are people who are just as passionate about those ideas who DO NOT believe he will get anything done. A lot of people would rather have a moderate getting half an agenda accomplished than a progressive getting none of it done. Some people don’t want to reach for the moon and land in the same spot. Some people will reach for the top of a ladder to climb a couple of steps.

A lot of Warren’s supporters were Clinton supporters who remember how Bernie went scorched Earth in 2016 and just generally think he’d be a bad leader, a bad diplomat, and an ineffective President. What are ideas without execution? I’ve been actively ignoring everyone calling for Warren to drop out because of an unfounded belief that Bernie would be winning if Warren wasn’t splitting the “progressive vote.”

I don’t feel like arguing with people’s feelings.

Warren is who I want to be the nominee and Warren is who I feel would be most effective in the White House and on the world stage. My second choice is Bernie, but it’s not a vote FOR him and I don’t SUPPORT him. I just don’t want Biden. I’m voting against Joe Biden because I think he’ll be a worse President than Bernie. There are a lot of people who think Bernie will be a worse President than Biden. Neither position has a whole lot to do with policy and everything to do with who will be the better leader.

So calling Warren-to-Biden voters “not real progressives” just completely discounts all of the other job duties of the President past “ideas.” Who is going to represent us on the world stage? Who is going to build the best coalition? Who is going to be the most effective? Some people genuinely believe Biden will be better at the job of being President than Bernie will be. Some of those people are Warren supporters. Telling them they’re betraying Progressives because they look at the job as more than one thing isn’t going to make them vote Bernie.

You can take that train of thought straight to the South and Biden’s support among Black voters, traditionally the most pragmatic voting bloc in the Democratic Party. You can leave the offensive analyses about Stockholm Syndrome or low information at the door. Focus on what a person would do if they were from a community that was not allowed to dream, a community that has continually watched their dreams crushed by the weight of White America. Would they reach for the moon and risk (what they believe to be) a near certainty of disappointment? Or would they reach a few steps up the ladder to a place they believe the rest of the country would allow them to climb without a crushing defeat?

And a lot of people just don’t like Bernie. It is what it is. I don’t like him either — not enough to not vote for him over Biden (because i don’t like Biden either!!!) but I can see why a voter would rather be preached to by Biden than Bernie. If you’re a Sanders Supporter and you feel disappointed by the results, take a look at the failures of his movement (the lack of turnout among young voters that was promised, his team projecting a win among a large field where he’d never have to garner more than 30% of the support) instead of trying to shame other voters and candidates into falling in line with his brand of progressiveness.

Regardless of the outcome, blaming others for the shortcomings of Bernie’s campaign does not help move the progressive agenda forward to find out how to get more people to join the movement the next time around. Right now, “Bernie is losing because Warren won’t drop out.” After she drops out, it will be “Bernie is losing because Warren’s supporters weren’t real progressives.” Missing from the conversation: “Bernie is losing because his campaign didn’t convince enough people that he would be an effective leader.”
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