Hot Takes: Next In Fashion

1. Tan France is BEAUTIFUL. He loves to put on an ugly outfit though.
1a. Tommy Hilfiger really sat there and critiqued someone’s pants, wondering if they’d be hard to walk in, when Tan France was standing right beside him wearing women’s pants DESIGNED BY TOMMY that fit the exact same way. This show is kind of a joke.

2. These are successful designers. Angel has her clothes in 70 stores. Marco Marco has a fashion show that goes viral every year. Ashton has dressed Beyonce in a look that everyone can recall instantly (the pink military unitard she wore for the Tidal launch). Kiki literally invented women’s urban streetwear. And they’re being judged by two people who can barely dress themselves? The French Tuck guy from a sappy reality show and a lady I’ve vaguely heard of who modeled for like five years and now has a fashion line nobody wears? If you’re going to go for this caliber of talent, you also need to go for that caliber of judge.

3. That is a lot of money spent to produce a runway show each episode with a whole lot of distractions away from THE CLOTHES.

4. Even though big designers don’t sew their own clothes, these shows benefit people who sew very fast, so I’m glad they get a team to help them at the end (but they should realistically have an assistant the whole time).

5. Julian might be the most beautiful man to ever appear on a reality TV competition program. Top five at least.
5a. I’m in love with Charles. A sensitive beefy taskmaster who loves short-shorts. Sign me up.

6. This show needs a mentor. I love Tim Gunn and the gentle way he can nudge a designer. I’m OBSESSED with Christian Siriano and the way he feels like a best friend who can’t wait to read you, but ultimately wants you to succeed. Tan & Alexa just walking around asking what they’re doing is just useless.

7. Tan needs to put that lady down. She don’t need to be carried every other episode.

8. Doing away with them in pairs is ridiculous. Literally nobody likes that or thinks it’s fair. All Stars 1 should’ve put an end to that format for every reality competition show to follow. Don’t do that again.

9. You can tell the final runway show was done in 3 days. I miss the luxuriousness of the Project Runway 5-month finale. It was good, but it was obviously two designers just throwing ten looks at the runway with no cohesion or time to edit and improve.

10. The person I wanted to win won so I’m ultimately happy. There are worse ways to spend 10 hours of your life.

11. Charles loves Angelo so much I’m kind of obsessed with them. I ship it.
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