Watch: Philly cops throwing people without masks off the bus.

Raise your hand if you are 100% certain what the current directive is regarding masks.

I’m not. I had to go get groceries this morning and decided to throw a bandanna in my pocket just in case because I saw tweets from other cities where people had been refused entry by businesses if they weren’t covering their face. I’m not sure what the word is in NYC but I saw another tweet that said anytime you’re in public you’re supposed to be covering your face. I’m not sure what counts as covering your face because when this started, they said everyone wears masks wrong anyway, and then they said wearing bandannas and or scarves won’t do anything, and then they said maybe you should wear masks even though you all do it wrong, and then they said but we’re running out of masks so the bandannas we said were useless are actually better than nothing.

Given that we don’t have a federal government taking charge, that every municipality is handling this differently, that the CDC and the WHO frequently post information in conflict with one another, how do we expect every person to know if they’re supposed to wear something, and if so, what?

Apparently in Philadelphia, you have to know, especially if you ride the bus. Even though the Philly transit website just this morning said riders don’t have to wear a mask and currently says “other facial coverings” do count, if you are riding the bus in Philly you have to be aware that the cops are requiring you to wear a mask. If you don’t know, you could be kicked off the bus by a cop wearing no covering at all, possibly stranding you in the middle of nowhere.

Who’s spreading more germs here? The cop yelling in a confined area with nothing on his face, or the people riding with their mouths closed, covering their faces with scarves and jackets?

And if you don’t exit the bus — because maybe you’re late for work, maybe you’re far from home, maybe you have no idea where you are — you will be physically dragged outside by bored cops with nothing to do.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just GIVE people a mask if they’re not wearing one? Yes, but the police are antsy to finally be able to manhandle someone now that there are fewer opportunities with people staying in their homes and off the streets. The police are never here to protect or serve or assist. They’re here to enforce and assault. Even in the middle of a pandemic, when the most human and most sensible option is to help someone, they still resort to brute force, humiliation, and intimidation.

Cops are garbage. Period.
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