Hot Takes: The Clark Sisters – First Ladies of Gospel

1) Aunjanue Ellis is an ACTRESS y’all. Lifetime biopics can have some questionable line delivery, and this movie is no exception, but Aunjanue anchors the whole thing with an undeniable talent and presence.

2) The other girls actually held their own though, even Kiki! Christina Bell as Twinkie really shocked me in a good way because she’s not an actress at all and didn’t even want to audition. Good job ladies. If there’s ever a Jill Scott biopic, we know who to cast.

3) Is Karen really about that life? Would she lay some Holy Hands on somebody at a funeral? Because I fell out.

4) I was not expecting them to really get into the nitty gritty until I saw that scene circulate a few weeks ago where Twinkie sold the rights to her songs and Dr. Mattie Moss read her in the kitchen. It’s the real story y’all. They really went there.

5) Men ain’t shit. Even the godly ones.

6) Everybody was sanging up a storm, but Shalea (Dorinda) ate. I don’t know how long it took to cast this movie or how long they stayed in rehearsals to get the phrasing and vocal quirks down, but Shalea could’ve been lip-syncing to Dorinda and I would’ve believed it. She really had Dorinda The Rose Clark down pat.

7) The last act is too rushed to really be enjoyable. They needed a 2 or 3 night miniseries as opposed to fleshing out the beginning of their story and then cramming everything closer to the present into 30 minutes. Most of us would have been fine with having the details for the 90s and 00s Clark Sisters too, not just the origin and rise to greatness.

8) There is an abundance of bad wigs all through this movie….felt like I was truly back in the Church.

9) I made a white man who don’t know nothing about The Clark Sisters watch it with me and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Good job, Lifetime. Y’all hit a winner.

Score: 7.5/10

Let’s get into “You Brought The Sunshine” just because.
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