Don’t try to teach stupid people. Save your energy.

We said Trump is a racist because he wouldn’t apologize for the Central Park Five, because he’s been in racial discrimination lawsuits, because he called Mexicans rapists and murderers, etc.

They said Trump isn’t a racist and everything was taken out of context.

We said Trump was a misogynist who assaults women because he admitted to it on tape, because he repeatedly debases women based on appearance, because his victims came forward with similar and believable allegations, etc.

They said all the women are lying and that it’s just lockerroom talk.

We said Trump is a terrible businessman who took millions from his father and still filed for bankruptcy over and over, because he defrauded students with a fake university, because it took a reality TV show to rehabilitate his image when he had nothing but his name, etc.

They said…well I don’t really know what they said. I think they just ignored it and kept saying “well he’s rich so he must be a good guy to run the economy.”

What I’m saying NOW is — why bother trying to teach any of them? These people have looked at facts for the past five years and either ignored them, called them fake news, or justified the information using lies fed to them by Trump and and his news channel. Now here we are, four years after they voted for his lies. Five years of accepting his lies as truth, five years of reading truth and calling it lies, and they’re literally dying because they believe all the factual information about COVID-19 is a lie. They are killing themselves for this man’s lies, and y’all want to talk to them? To teach them?

You need to take that energy and use it to get other intelligent people to vote. I understand that you have have to share communities and sometimes families with these people, but if Uncle Rick believes coronavirus is a hoax and Aunt Betty believes it’s her right to get her hair done, no amount of telling them otherwise is going to change their minds. They are going to protest and they are going to scream and holler and they are going to bring the virus back home and pose a danger to everyone — that’s what five years of doing nothing has bought us. It has bought us a pandemic that we cannot control. Our lives are at risk because WE let THEM elect a liar.

I don’t want our lives to be at risk because we made the same mistake twice. I don’t really care how you feel about Joe Biden at this point. I care about all of these pictures of protest after protest where Trump voters are throwing common sense out of the window in favor of tribalism and allegiance to their Liar. Common sense says, if the doctor tells you to STAY HOME SO YOU DON’T GET SICK, you stay home. Common sense says if people are dying because they didn’t stay home, you stay home. None of that matters because the past five years have whipped these people into a frenzy of ignorance and total rejection of any type of authority that infringes upon their individual right to do whatever it is they want to do.

So screw em. I feel for the communities that are about to be ravaged by this virus through the actions of the selfish and stupid. Protect yourself as best you can. But don’t waste your limited energy and resources attempting to make inroads into the abyss of ego and foolishness. Make sure every reasonable person you know who would possibly vote does just that. If they are so set on not voting for Biden that any attempt at discussion would close them off to the process completely, discard that and make sure they are voting down the ballot. Look how important Governors are right now. The Governor of Georgia stole an election, didn’t even know you could be asymptomatic and carry the disease 10 days ago, and is now opening up businesses FULL OF GERMS, against the advice of the CDC in his own backyard.

Everybody you know — who isn’t an idiot!! — has to vote. Because everyone you know is in danger due to the idiot(s) we have in office now. Let those willfully ignorant, selfish, morons suffer their fate and try to distance yourself from them as much as you can. COVID-19 is going to run its course. A possible vaccine is over a year away (at best!). Our healthcare system sucks and our country is an overly large collection of individual mini-countries with open borders. Half the population would rather die than be told what they can’t do. The other half doesn’t work together effectively enough to crush the political machinations of the idiot half. Everything is literally terrible. You have a lot of things to worry about.

Trying to convince stupid people to change their opinion-based positions using fact-based reality is futile. Save that energy for all the other things.

Wash your hands. Cover your face. Stream Dua Lipa for intelligence and good credit.
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