The 10 Best Snatch Games from Drag Race.

Last night after Drag Race (we really sat through THREE AND A HALF HOURS) Travis and I were thinking about the Snatch Game we just watched where this straight comedian (Jermaine Fowler) did Kevin Hart as Kevin Hart in drag trying to make amends for being terrible.

“That was unexpectedly good.”
“Is it top ten?”
“I think so?”
“Who’s better?”
“Hmm…well let’s see…”

And then we ranked our favorite Snatch Games of all time because we are homosexuals stuck in the house.

  1. Katya as Bjork

Katya is a weirdo. So is Bjork. It was a match made in an absurd heaven where drag queens eat paper and make spit bubble sounds.

**This was not one of Travis’s top ten. He wanted Aquaria as Melania instead.

  1. Monet X Change as Maya Angelou

The bar for a good Maya Angelou was looooooooooow after Chi Chi bombed disastrously a few months earlier, but Monet’s grasp of Maya’s mannerisms, speech, and biography would have won us over anyway.

**This was not one of my top ten. Travis picked her over Aquaria, to make space for me to put Katya at number 10.

  1. Alaska as Mae West

Mae West is iconic, but you have to be smart to make the lines work to make sure you put the lines in the right place. Alaska’s timing was impeccable and her accent was spot on too.

  1. Kennedy Davenport as Little Richard

I low-key would’ve put Ms. Davenport higher because I laughed SO HARD the entire time, but Travis reminded me the impression was really one note. Still, it was a huge risk that I did not have high hopes for, and she really pulled it off.

  1. Jermaine Folwer as Kevina Hart

This is the reason we made this list in the first place, because we thought Jermaine would be a flop. He entered the work room like a straight man who actually didn’t know what he signed up for, like his agent just said “oh hey, go on this show.” But that comedian put in one of the all time great snatch games! Fully committed, every joke landed, layers to the performance, and he looked good in makeup! A pleasant surprise from a mess of an episode.

  1. Ginger Minj as Adele

Ginger Minj didn’t do an impression of Adele (she’s a very lovely, smart woman) so much as a loose adaptation of Adele grounded in fact and made comedically out of touch. Hilarious and impressive.

  1. Srimala as Sophia La

This requires some explanation because Srimala lost this Snatch Game and was actually in the bottom two that week (because her runways are weak). The second season of Drag Race Thailand is one of our top five seasons across the board, including All Stars. Srimala wasn’t a stand out for us most of the season, but as the weeks passed by, her charm became more and more evident. We don’t speak Thai and we’re not familiar with Thai culture, so there are MANY times we disagree with the judges and we chalk it up to not knowing what the judges are looking for or not being familiar enough with the culture to understand what our fave of the week did wrong. That said, almost everybody reading this is an English-speaking American, and from that standpoint, this is one of the best Snatch Games of all time because she was SO GOOD we laughed at every joke without knowing any of the context, just based on her acting and interaction with the rest of the panel. If you can find it, watch it!

  1. Ben de la Creme as Maggie Smith

Because of copyright reasons, the queens can’t just be the Dowager Countess or The Nanny — they have to be Maggie Smith or Fran Drescher and then base their impersonation on the character they’re going for. I thought this was going to be a disaster, or at least a Little Edie/Jinx situation where the jokes would be too specific to be funny to the general audience (more on that later), but I was wrong. Ben is one of the smartest queens to walk across the stage. She hit every question out of the park and made the most of her opportunities to hit back at her competitors.

  1. Gigi Goode as Maria the Robot

I know Sophia (I assume she had to be “Maria” for copyright reasons as well) so I thought the impression was spot on. Travis does not know Sophia, but thought Gigi was hilarious. If you can equally impress people familiar and unfamiliar with your character, you’ve hit a home run. I think those of us familiar with Sophia were more impressed simply because Gigi really understood how creepily aggressive Sophia comes off. It was probably the riskiest choice any queen as made, and it really paid off.

  1. The Vivienne as Donald Trump

She chose a man.
She chose a politician.
And she chose a difficult accent to do well.

Viv does a better Trump than EVERY Trump impersonator (SNL please hire her and let Alec go) and she’s so quick! Every line landed and I just wanted more. There’s a reason why she got a spin-off based on a Snatch Game impersonation.

Honorable Mention: Jinx as Little Edie

Listen. People really went up for this on Twitter, and I just don’t care. Yes she won, yes it was a good impression, but I thought the jokes were too specific. She was smart to play into a reference Ru would know, but as a regular person who doesn’t care or know about those shut ins, I honestly did not laugh one time. It’s easy to be the best when everybody else is terrible (Alyssa’s Katy, Lineysha’s Celia, Coco’s Janet — flop flop flop). The difference between Jinx doing Little Edie and Ben doing The Dowager is…Ben is just funnier and had better jokes.

Other thoughts:

Chad Michaels was great as Cher, but it wasn’t memorable.

Pearl was great as Big Ang, probably the best “safe” performance in the bunch.

Bianca Del Rio was fine, but it was really just Bianca in a short wig yelling at everybody — not a stretch.

Baga Chips was funny as Margaret Thatcher, but The Vivienne carried her.

I thought Jackie Cox did a pretty good Lisa Rinna, but Travis doesn’t watch RHOBH and it was clear that the jokes fell really flat if you had no frame of reference for the character.

Season 11 really was such a weak season. The winner and runner up were in the bottom two the week of the Snatch Game? Unforgivable.

And no one should ever do Beyonce ever again. Leave that lady ALONE!
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