Today I Learned: Rocket scientists don’t know what menstruation is.

Over on Twitter I stumbled onto this white lady comedian (I think she’s a comedian — she might just be funny for free) because her scary Halloween story about an airplane is making the rounds (it’s only 2 minutes, and you have nothing better to do anyway).

So I was scrolling down her feed and she had retweeted a lady singing a song about Sally Ride. I was unsure if the details were true, so I had to look them up for myself before telling anyone, but it all checked out.

Here we go.

Sally Ride was an astronaut and physicist who joined NASA in 1978. In 1983, NASA sent Sally Ride into space at the age of 32 (still the youngest astronaut to go to space). She did two space trips and then left NASA in 1987.

The USSR had previously sent two women into space, but I guess NASA hadn’t thought to ask them “hey…what are women?” before sending Sally Ride up in a shuttle because they wanted to give that lady ONE HUNDRED TAMPONS FOR ONE WEEK IN SPACE. These are some of the smartest people in the country. Actual rocket scientists. 100 tampons for one woman for one week.

I have many questions.

1) On average, how many tampons do male scientists think women go through on their period?

2) How big do they think a vagina is?

3) Do they think the inside of a woman is just an empty vessel full of blood that has to be soaked up?

4) Whose idea was it to tie all the tampons together by the strings like a length of sausages?

5) What happened to the tampons?

So. Today I learned that no man at NASA has ever met a woman.

Here’s a song about the tampons.
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