MC Beyonce

Beyonce has another feature where she reminded us all that she really could do an all rap album if that’s where her spirit decided to take her. This time she hopped on the “Savage” remix and made Megan Thee Stallion go back and re-up.

It’s a nice progression from “No, No, No” to here, and I wanted to chart Beyonce’s course from “that light skinned girl in the group who sings fast” to a husky-voiced emcee with bars.

When Nelly came out singing most of his bars on Country Grammar, Anita Baker made a comment that it he was really a singer highlighting the rhythm of the music, which is what Beyonce has done her entire career. Beyonce walked on “No, No, No” and “Bug A Boo” so Nelly could run on Country Grammar so Beyonce could fly on “APESHIT” and “Savage.”
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