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Don’t worry about the Supreme Court.

We can’t stop whatever will happen, but we can mitigate the damage if we flip the Senate and put Biden in the White House.



From what I can tell on The Internets, America has suddenly been thrown into complete chaos and her very future is now in question because a 90-year-old lady “unexpectedly” died after 47 brushes with cancer. As a natural cynic and charming pessimist, I agree! The United States is circling the drain…but we were already doing that anyway. At any rate, I have calmed myself down by mulling over all of the possible scenarios that may arise over the next few months, because even if all of the outcomes are terrible, I feel better if I know what they are. This is what I’ve come up with, from best case to worst case.

Cheetolini decides not to put forth a nominee, loses the election.

As of this morning, President Velveeta was was still telling the country he plans to nominate someone, most likely a woman, most likely this weekend, about a month before the election. However! He is a perpetual liar, and a self-serving, world class sack of shit. Most of the Republican Establishment wants a nominee and a quick confirmation because that will give us the most Conservative Supreme Court in decades, and with a 6-3 split, they can outlaw abortion, gay marriage, and all happiness for the next generation.

Pumpkin Spice Putin is not part of the Republican Establishment. He’s a lone wolf who only cares about himself, and if the wrong (right!) person whispers in his ear that dangling a nominee is better for him politically, he would probably go that route. It’s perfectly logical: Elect me again, and I’ll nominate this conservative judge and hand over the Supreme Court to the GOP for the next 20 or 30 years. It’s a good strategy considering he has nothing to brag about right now. Then we beat him in November, and the problem is solved.

The nominee doesn’t make it to a vote or isn’t confirmed, and Adolf Twittler loses.

Not making it to a vote and not being confirmed are slightly different but still dependent upon the same handful of Senators who pretend to be a smidge more independent from the rest of the Republican Party. Back in Obama’s term, Mitch McConnell and Matroness Lindsey Olin Graham Devereaux Sugarbaker said the President shouldn’t be able to seat a Supreme Court justice during an election cycle. They are liars, and no amount of shaming them for their hypocrisy will matter, so please stop wasting your breath on this. If you want something to pay attention to, keep watch on which Senators have now said — since RBG passed away — that they still believe that. As I’m writing, this is the count:

You can keep up on the Washington Post, but Democrats need four Republicans to withhold their support in order for the vote to fail. Right now there are two confirmed and one maybe with 29 yet to speak on the topic. Hopefully Mitt Romney will find that backbone he pretended he had a few months ago and do the right thing.

There’s a confirmation, but we take the Senate and Biden wins.

Republicans don’t have principles, so I’m not counting on four of them to actually block the nominee. If Biden wins and we pick up the Senate, we could pack the court and make the newest Conservative windbag useless. If Uncle Joe wins, we only need to pick up three Senate seats to take power because Kamala will be the tie breaker. The reelection landscape is a great map for us this year, because the Blue seats up for reelection are pretty solid and there are fewer of them. There are a lot of Red seats, and a good number have started to lean Blue or fall into the tossup category.

Nothing in the Constitution says we have to have nine Supreme Court justices. We’ve had between five and ten. The last President to seriously attempt to expand the court was FDR, but he was met with a lot of resistance even within his own party and he failed.

That was then, and this is now. Democratic voters are tired of being represented by politicians who won’t even bust a grape in a fruit fight. Republicans come armed with assault rifles and we show up with one boxing glove from the early 60s with moth holes in it. We are ready to replace them with people who will actually do their jobs and they know that, which is why they’re already floating the idea of packing the Court if McConnell successfully pulls off this power grab. Biden is on record from a long time ago saying it would be a bad idea to pack the Court and Conservative Democrats say it sets a bad precedent, that whichever party is in power will just alter the Court and it will no longer be a stable, non-political institution, but screw all of them. It’s time to actually play the game, or get off the field.

There’s no confirmation and we take the Senate, but Biden loses.

In this case, everything I just wrote applies, except Kim Jong Ugly vetoes whatever act we pass to expand the court. We’d need a two-thirds majority in both chambers of Congress to override him, and we just won’t ever have the numbers for that. We’re stuck with a 6-3 court for at least the next four years. If Stephen Breyer retires (and he definitely will), the Senate should block any nominations and just hold the Court in place until 2024 when we run somebody better than Joe Biden.

There’s no confirmation before the election, Mango Mussolini wins, and we don’t take the Senate.

There’s a confirmation, the Fanta Fascist wins, and we don’t take the Senate.

Those Senators who don’t believe an outgoing President should seat a Supreme Court judge would then vote to confirm if Biden loses in November. There is a scenario where he wins, but we take the Senate, and those Senators say “the people have spoken, and their Senators should decide who the next judge is” but we already know that’s not going to happen. The Supreme Court will be 6-3. Breyer will retire (or retire) and the Supreme Court will be 7-2.  In that case, you will find me in Sweden with my new husband or wife who says my dark skin is “exotic” and I’ll just deal with the fetishization for however long it says on the pre-nup before I can get a divorce and enough money to live on.

But seriously, if you want to do something, save your energy for what matters. You can’t shame a Republican Senator into sticking to what they said five minutes ago, let alone four years ago. Whether or not there’s a confirmation is completely out of your hands, so don’t worry about it. Let that go. We’ll get a sixth Conservative judge by November, or we won’t. You can’t do anything about it. What you can do is prevent a 7-2 Court by focusing on the Senate races that could flip Blue. What you can do is work for a 13 seat Court by focusing on those races and making sure Biden wins in November.

Mitch McConnell will win his race. Stop giving AmyMcGrath your money. Focus on the Democratic challengers in these six races:

Mark Kelly, Arizona
John Hickenlooper, Colorado
Theresa Greenfiend, Iowa
Sara Gideon, Maine
Steve Bullock, Montana
Cal Cunningham, North Carolina

We can’t stop whatever will happen, but we can mitigate the damage if we flip the Senate and put Biden in the White House. So let’s focus on that part.

And now, I’m off to hit these Swedish lessons on Duolingo because this whole country finna be on fire the day after the election regardless of who wins anyway.
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The Big Tent failure of the Democratic Party.

It’s just difficult unifying a party of leftovers.



Congratulations to the Republican Party of Texas once again putting another check in the Win Column this year.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday signed into law a bill that bans 24-hour and drive-thru voting, imposes new hurdles on mail-in ballots and empowers partisan poll watchers.

The election overhaul in Texas comes as Republicans seek to hold onto power in a rapidly changing state where people of color make up virtually all of the population growth — and that growth is concentrated in large cities that tend to vote Democratic.

(cont. CNN)

Texas was very close to becoming Blue or at the very least a deep purple, but they did not. So, Red Texas sprang into action to consolidate power and push through Conservative goals while they can.

Why don’t Democrats ever take a page out of the Republican handbook?

If Democrats took advantage when they are in power the way Republicans do, we’d have the Voting Rights Act, no filibuster, a larger Supreme Court, free college, universal healthcare, etc. I mean…assuming Democrats actually want those things in the first place.

Watching Republicans set a goal, work toward it, and achieve it come hell or high water is impressive. I wish I had no morals so I could be a Republican too. Unfortunately I care more about people than I do about winning, but damn if I don’t feel jealous of the successful party.

It’s just difficult unifying a party of leftovers.

Democrats don’t have a guiding force the way Republicans are guided by a corrupted version of Jesus, white nationalism, and greed. Democrats are people who care about people PLUS everybody else who doesn’t want to be a Republican for one reason or another.

Turned off by Evangelical Jesus?
White supremacy?

You’re a Democrat by default, not by choice.

The Democratic Party is a big tent party made of gays AND homophobes, minorities AND racists, atheists AND Christian supremacists. It’s hard to unify so many disparate groups into one big push to do anything. We just sit around and twiddle our thumbs nitpicking at each other because we don’t even have the same common goals, let alone any sort of agreement as to how we should achieve those goals. For every Democrat who wants a $15 wage, there are two more who say “the cashier at McDonald’s should get a better job — let’s provide training!” For every Democrat who wants to wipe out college debt, there are two more who say “I paid mine, why do they get off scot free?” For every Democrat who wants to abolish the police, there are two more who say “not all cops are bad — we just have to get the bad apples out.”

For every Republican who wants to ban abortion, there are ten more who say “absolutely.”

For awhile, right after the election, I was naively hopeful that the Republican Party would actually splinter into two groups. Trump’s Most Loyal Activists were filing papers to start their own party. Establishment Republicans were distancing themselves from Trump. The divide was deepening between the Moderates and the Deplorables. If the GOP split, then the Democratic Party would soon follow. The AOCs have less in common with the Joe Manchins than the Joe Manchins have in common with the Mitt Romneys. The latter two should be in a party together, a party that does not represent me in any way. I want to be in a party with Cori Bush, not Cory Booker, but I don’t want the Democratic Party to split first because the GOP will completely take over the entire country.

But that was just wishful thinking on my part, because the GOP is about power first, regardless of personal politics. They can put their differences aside for the common goal they share, some authoritarian capitalist wet dream of a White Christian America where women and brown people know their place. The Democrats can’t agree on a goal so we have no long term strategies. We’re just trying our best to get along with each other while the opposition continues to advance.
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Hurricane Ida is fake in Trumpistan.

Republicans and Fox News have used each other to completely break the country.



Brace yourself for a new level of stupidity:


The complete rejection of mainstream news among Conservatives didn’t start with Trump. There’s been a movement to distrust all news since Newt Gingrinch first decided to get behind a microphone and start lying to gullible people with anger issues. Rupert Murdoch took it to another level to help Donald Trump. Fox News was able to position itself against the mainstream by harnessing the power of prejudice. Murdoch and his merry band of deplorables gave racists, bigots, and anti-progress malcontents of every stripe a place to stretch their legs and walk around in a bubble of their own ignorance.

We’re living in the result. The Citizens of Trumpistan would rather put their trust in the hands of Facebook groups telling them to eat horse paste to fight COVID than listen to experts in epidemiology and communicable diseases because the media listens to those experts. If it’s on CNN, it must be a lie. If it’s on MSNBC, it’s fake news. If the Lamestream Libruhl Meedja is reporting it, then it cannot possibly be truth, and that applies to everything from COVID all the way up to a hurricane.

Shaquille Brewster has been on the Gulf Coast reporting on Hurricane Ida, and it’s pretty straightforward. “This is what’s happening…this is what has been happening…this is how people have responded to the happenings…this is what we expect to happen in the near future.”

Watch him try to do his job when a skeptic stops his truck to accost Brewster about accuracy.

I’m a cynic these days. I believe every instance of a white man yelling at a Black man has racial undertones and that white man would not have the same force of aggression if the target of his ire was white. Joe Local is riding around in his truck with his little angry fists tightly clenched around the steering wheel, sees a Black man and a mainstream news crew, and loses his mind. He saw his moment to, I guess, force the mainstream media to accurately report on a hurricane? Because his act of aggression against one Black reporter would change the entire culture of news reporting that he sees as a problem because they’re all liars?

Who knows? It doesn’t really matter. I’m sure Joe Local hadn’t really thought through his reaction either. The point is, this is the United States now for at least the next generation, and likely longer. Republicans and Fox News have used each other to completely break the country, and now hurricane reporters are ambushed on air about accuracy when there’s an entire camera right there recording what the weather is doing. Love that for us.
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US News: Georgia Governor Boosts Hospital Staffing Amid COVID Surge



Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announced Monday the state will spend another $125 million to increase staffing at hospitals amid a surge in coronavirus cases that has forced them to turn patients away.

(cont. US News)

Brian Kemp refuses to issue mask or vaccine mandates, not even for hospital workers and state employees, as COVID cases skyrocket. He said, “You see where mask mandates are causing fights at sporting events and on airplanes and other things. People know how to deal with the virus.”

No, they do not, because Americans in general are assholes and Republican Americans are violent assholes who cannot stand to be told what to do and have no interest in the greater good or protecting other people.

Instead, of mask/vaccine mandates, he is increasing funding to hospitals, because when your house is flooding, it’s best to just spend a ton of money to add another level instead of turning off the water.

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