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Daily Beast: Chet Hanks Goes on Anti-Vaxx Rant, Despite Parents Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s COVID-19 Hospitalization



Someone, please take Chet Hanks’ phone away.

The 31-year-old son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson went on a wild rant against the vaccine and COVID-19 on Monday, calling the potentially fatal virus “the motherfucking flu”—despite his own parents being hospitalized with the virus last March.


I don’t know Tom Hanks or Rita Wilson personally so I cannot vouch for their character, but I have been a fan of celebrity gossip my entire life, and you *never* hear a negative word about either of them. From all accounts, they are lovely people with a decent moral center who everyone likes to work with. They also have a lovely son in the industry who of whom castmates and co-workers speak very highly.

That son is Colin Hanks. Chet Hanks is a piece of shit who uses a fake Jamaican accent and proclaims White Boy Summer on social media. And now he’s going on anti-vax tirades claiming COVID is just a flu, even though his own parents were two of the first high profile hospitalizations from COVID.

What I mean is, sometimes parents are lovely and they have lovely kids (The Obamas) and sometimes parents are horrid and produce absolute garbage (The Trumps), but sometimes the apple really does fall extremely far from the tree. Chet Hanks had a fortunate perch on the choicest of boughs from that tree, and then rolled himself directly into the sewer.
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