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The Big Tent failure of the Democratic Party.

It’s just difficult unifying a party of leftovers.



Congratulations to the Republican Party of Texas once again putting another check in the Win Column this year.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday signed into law a bill that bans 24-hour and drive-thru voting, imposes new hurdles on mail-in ballots and empowers partisan poll watchers.

The election overhaul in Texas comes as Republicans seek to hold onto power in a rapidly changing state where people of color make up virtually all of the population growth — and that growth is concentrated in large cities that tend to vote Democratic.

(cont. CNN)

Texas was very close to becoming Blue or at the very least a deep purple, but they did not. So, Red Texas sprang into action to consolidate power and push through Conservative goals while they can.

Why don’t Democrats ever take a page out of the Republican handbook?

If Democrats took advantage when they are in power the way Republicans do, we’d have the Voting Rights Act, no filibuster, a larger Supreme Court, free college, universal healthcare, etc. I mean…assuming Democrats actually want those things in the first place.

Watching Republicans set a goal, work toward it, and achieve it come hell or high water is impressive. I wish I had no morals so I could be a Republican too. Unfortunately I care more about people than I do about winning, but damn if I don’t feel jealous of the successful party.

It’s just difficult unifying a party of leftovers.

Democrats don’t have a guiding force the way Republicans are guided by a corrupted version of Jesus, white nationalism, and greed. Democrats are people who care about people PLUS everybody else who doesn’t want to be a Republican for one reason or another.

Turned off by Evangelical Jesus?
White supremacy?

You’re a Democrat by default, not by choice.

The Democratic Party is a big tent party made of gays AND homophobes, minorities AND racists, atheists AND Christian supremacists. It’s hard to unify so many disparate groups into one big push to do anything. We just sit around and twiddle our thumbs nitpicking at each other because we don’t even have the same common goals, let alone any sort of agreement as to how we should achieve those goals. For every Democrat who wants a $15 wage, there are two more who say “the cashier at McDonald’s should get a better job — let’s provide training!” For every Democrat who wants to wipe out college debt, there are two more who say “I paid mine, why do they get off scot free?” For every Democrat who wants to abolish the police, there are two more who say “not all cops are bad — we just have to get the bad apples out.”

For every Republican who wants to ban abortion, there are ten more who say “absolutely.”

For awhile, right after the election, I was naively hopeful that the Republican Party would actually splinter into two groups. Trump’s Most Loyal Activists were filing papers to start their own party. Establishment Republicans were distancing themselves from Trump. The divide was deepening between the Moderates and the Deplorables. If the GOP split, then the Democratic Party would soon follow. The AOCs have less in common with the Joe Manchins than the Joe Manchins have in common with the Mitt Romneys. The latter two should be in a party together, a party that does not represent me in any way. I want to be in a party with Cori Bush, not Cory Booker, but I don’t want the Democratic Party to split first because the GOP will completely take over the entire country.

But that was just wishful thinking on my part, because the GOP is about power first, regardless of personal politics. They can put their differences aside for the common goal they share, some authoritarian capitalist wet dream of a White Christian America where women and brown people know their place. The Democrats can’t agree on a goal so we have no long term strategies. We’re just trying our best to get along with each other while the opposition continues to advance.
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Some journalistic racism from Kentucky.

Something isn’t quite right about this mayoral coverage.



This will be quick, but I just wanted to show y’all an example of racism I had not yet seen previously. I’m very familiar with racial bias in reporting, mostly the very blatant examples where a white man kills his entire family and all of the photos are Happy Vacation Pics and a Black man will be suspected of anything and have his mugshot published. This is a very sneaky example courtesy of WDRB Louisville in their reporting on the mayor’s race.

Here’s a nice headshot of Craig Greenberg with a caption stating that he’s running for mayor.

Here’s a nice headshot of David L. Nicholson with a caption stating that he’s running for mayor.

Here’s random photo of Shameka Parrish-Wright on her porch and a caption that says she’s the head of two racial organizations, no mention of candidacy for mayor.

Here’s a random photo of Rev. Tim Findley, Jr. speaking to a reporter and a caption that says what church he’s affiliated with, no mention of candidacy for mayor.

Is it an accident or is it intentional?

If you asked me 5 or 6 years ago, honestly I probably would’ve said it was an accident, without totally absolving the organization of guilt. When I say “accident” with regards to something like this, what I mean is, nobody sat down and said “I’m going to publish two headshots of the white guys and state they’re running for mayor, and I’m going to publish two file photos of the Black candidates with a blurb about who they are.” When I say it’s an accident, I mean it’s more likely that implicit bias has blinded them to the fact that they are handicapping the Black candidates. Implicit bias means they see the Black candidates as less qualified, so it does not register to them that the announcements in their publication are unequal. Implicit bias means had it been four white candidates, you would pick four comparable photos and make four comparable statements because you would notice the discrepancies between four candidates who hold equal place in your mind.

That was years ago though. Today? In 2021? I do feel like it’s intentional. I’m at a point in my adult life where I do not believe most “accidents” are accidents. Someone made the very clear decision to look for and publish the two headshots of the white candidates and simply use file photos for the two Black candidates.

Plus, the About Us section of the WDRB website says this station is owned by Block Communications. If you’ve never heard that name, it’s perfectly fine. Who pays much attention to who owns what newspapers and television stations? I’d only heard of it because of the White Pride March on the Capitol, after which Susan Allan Block, former board member and part of the founding family, made a post on Facebook.

She calls Vice President Kamala Harris a whore in the blurred out part.

So do I believe a media company with these kinds of people in their ranks — not just deplorable, but so boldly and proudly abhorrent that they post about it on social media — would hire a staff that would intentionally pick and choose headshots? Yes I do.

After Rev. Findley pointed it out on social media, WDRB swiftly (in 8 hours) made changes to their post.

But the problem is how racism is so pervasive that something as innocuous as a mayoral announcement is an opportunity to sway public opinion in favor of White is Right. So that’s your morning reminder: be skeptical of everything. There are Susan Allan Blocks everywhere behind companies shaping public opinion, and being as bigoted as they can get away with.
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Teach Critical Race Theory to kindergarteners.

Black children start learning at five, so why shouldn’t everybody else?



For 25% of Virginia voters, Critical Race Theory was the single most important issue to consider when they ultimately elected Republican Glenn Youngkin. In all, 72% of voters said CRT was an important factor when deciding who to vote for. (x) Ask them to explain it however…

Since this well-informed voter can’t explain what it is, I’ll try. Critical Race Theory is an area of study in higher academia (typically law school) that examines how racism has affected the development of US policy.

CRT is an approach to studying U.S. policies and institutions that is most often taught in law schools. Its foundations date back to the 1970s, when law professors including Harvard Law School’s Derrick Bell began exploring how race and racism have shaped American law and society.

The theory rests on the premise that racial bias – intentional or not – is baked into U.S. laws and institutions.

(cont. Reuters)

In short, your 10th grader is not being taught CRT. Your kindergartener can’t even spell critical yet. Even in college, most of us never really come across CRT as part of a curriculum. However, Republicans got together in a room somewhere and decided this would be the next assault on the Left. They have once again successfully harnessed the power of the media, stupidity, and racism to make CRT into a boogeyman that’s going to make little Jimothy run home from elementary school ashamed to be white.

Those of us who have common sense have spent the past few months repeating this line: CRT isn’t being taught in schools! This is a non issue!


(NBC News)

None of this matters when the people being pandered to by the Right don’t know what Critical Race Theory is in the first place. If they cannot define it, but they still “hate” it, then it does not matter if you tell them it’s not taking place in schools. People they trust have told them it’s being taught. People who they do not trust cannot convince them otherwise.

So why are we trying? Republicans have now taken CRT from an obscure corner of academia and made it a generic term for anything about race that makes white people uncomfortable, so we should be forcing those people to stand ten toes down on their racist opinion. Instead of telling them to define CRT with that very Liberal air of “I know you’re stupid and I can’t wait for you to prove it to me so I can laugh with my friends,” tell them CRT is great and your kids should be learning about race in school. If you won’t properly educate your children, then somebody needs to.

Do you know who is actually being taught CRT? And I mean the Republican definition, not the actual academic definition.

Black children. We start learning about race in America as soon as we are made aware that race is being used to categorize us. Last year I wrote down some lessons I had learned as a Black man, and the first was in elementary school:

The first time I realized white people could do things I can’t, I was about 8 or 9 years old. I grew up in the rural South and it wasn’t uncommon for my mom to tell me to run into a store and grab something while the car idled at the entrance. I loved it; I was a big boy. She sent me into K-Mart to buy something (I don’t remember what it was anymore), and on my way out, the theft detection sensor went off. A white woman was leaving at the same time I was, but the greeter stopped me, called a security guard on me, told me to stay put while he waved the white woman on and told her to have a nice day. I wasn’t in the security office for very long before my mom, who sensed I’d been gone too long, rescued me and took me home.

I learned to wait until the doorway is clear before I leave a store, so someone else’s theft doesn’t land me in handcuffs one day.

This is a common age for children of color to start learning about race.

Those last two tweets are the reason why white parents don’t want race being taught in school — they are racist and they have been teaching their kids to be racist, whether intentionally or unknowingly. Their reaction to CRT comes from one of two places. Either they believe in white supremacy with their whole chest and have proudly said racist things around their children, or they are afraid to be confronted with their latent racism that they are unprepared to face or admit.

White people who have never addressed their unconscious (or conscious!) bias are the people who believe themselves to be good. Those are the suburban white moms who turned out to vote against Trump last time but flipped to support Youngkin for Governor. They believe themselves to be good people who couldn’t possibly be racist because they have a vague sense that everybody should be equal, but deep down they know they will be forced to confront viewpoints they didn’t know they had. The discomfort means they don’t want their kid in school learning about how the threads of race make cobwebs in every corner of American discourse because they didn’t learn it and they’re not prepared to. They have a nightmare scenario where they don’t recognize Hayleigh and Skylar anymore because one has so much white guilt and the other is so woke they challenge mommy and daddy’s racism at the dinner table.

Their children do not want to be racist.

And those parents cannot face the fact that their kids want to be better than they are.

There is no way to address race if most of the people in the conversation are unaware of how race affects policy. Children of color are the ones who are forced to learn about race in kindergarten. Waiting for white kids to come to some arbitrary age of majority to learn how to function in society wastes two decades of learning where we could have been having conversations together.  All of a sudden they go off to college and are confronted with an array of racial discussions they’ve been unaware of, and we are expected to teach white people for free because their parents were too afraid to let them learn how the world works before patterns and biases started to solidify.

So if a white parent asks me if CRT should be taught in school, I’m saying absolutely. If a white parent says they don’t want their children learning critical race theory, I’m not asking them to define it and I’m not explaining to them it’s not being taught. I’m telling them that I had to learn about race at five. If you are so concerned about your kids being left behind in school, you need to acknowledge the fact that by the time they’re in college, they’re about 15 years behind in racial dynamics. If you want to protect your kids, protect them from being called a racist for spouting misinformation that should’ve been corrected in 7th grade if you were a better parent.
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Pumpkin Spice Putin still Pissy Pouting over Presidential Privilege

Trump is throwing fits because Biden won’t let him hide his guilt.



Loves, I am so tired! There is some kind of chilly hurricane slash warm nor’easter slash October monsoon happening outside my window. My headwrap came off in my sleep last night so I look like Who Shot John and buried the body. I have to use my janky old mouse because the bluetooth mouse no longer wants to meese. And! I realized this morning that I have been using the wrong bless-edt yard for a coat I’ve been working on for a week.

Why do I have to have all this strife on top of a dysfunctional and crumbling government?

President Joe Biden has rejected another request from his predecessor Donald Trump to cover up Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol designed to keep him in power despite losing the 2020 election.

Trump himself continues to suggest he will run for the 2024 GOP nomination and is using his Save America committee’s money to continue spreading the same falsehoods that culminated in the violence of Jan. 6.

(cont. HuffPo)

Joseph Robinette Essence Hall Pinkett Smith is really in an impossible position. Regardless of the fact that Democracts are feckless pushovers and Biden is two steps from the Upper Room, I do not envy being the President who comes in to clean up after an orange baby shit all over the carpet. Not since Ford taking over for Nixon have we seen DC in such disarray, and while Ford pardoned Nixon so we could move on as a country (and once again not hold powerful men responsible for their crimes), Biden doesn’t really have that option.

There’s a dusty orange terrorist running around the country collecting funds and whipping stupid racists into a frenzy of anarchy. He has gotten millions of people to believe the election was stolen and the US has a fraudulent President. The evidence that he knows the election was not stolen and that he incited a riot to steal it is in the paper trail he does not want to turn over. Robinette needs Congress to have those papers!

So what does Mango Mussolini do? He keeps giving speeches at Y’all Qaeda functions claiming that he has Executive Privilege. He says the fact that Biden is refusing to allow him that privilege is proof that we stole the election, and then more campaign donations flow in.

It’s the worst catch 22. Ignoring the riots is evidence that Trumpistan was right to attempt overthrowing the government. Investigating the riots and denying The Toddler Terrorist his rights (to a privilege that is not even enshrined in a law) is proof that we stole the election.

And all of this ::waves hands wildly at everything:: is why I do not bother fooling with people who traffic solely in untruths! At this point, there is a sizeable portion of the population who will never believe that we have a legitimate President. So boo to them. Robinette needs to do his job as President and to hell with any procedural norms expected by Kim Jong Orange or his followers. They were not concerned about norms while he was pissing all over the Oval Office and trying to start nuclear wars on the toilet watching Fox News with his phone in one hand and a McGriddle in the other.

Get all the papers. All the call logs and memos and voicemails and internal documents. Read em out loud so we all know. Charge some people with treason! Anything. Something. I’m tired of so much nothing. The last time white supremacists failed to overthrow the government, we let the leaders off with a slap on the wrist and now a whole genre of people think “The South Will Rise Again!” is an entire personality. You live in Wisconsin, Jimothy. Take that stupid flag down.
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