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So Let’s Talk About FAQs:

I get a lot of the same questions in comments and in my inbox, so hopefully this will answer some folks before they ask.

What’s your Venmo/Paypal/CashApp?

Venmo: Rafi-DAngelo
CashApp: $RafiDAngelo


Can I share this [whatever I just posted]?

Yes. This page is public. If I wrote it, I would probably be thrilled that you shared it with somebody else.


Who runs this page?

Me, Rafi. You can find me here if you want.

And it’s not “running” really. It’s a Facebook page, just like yours, except mine is followed mostly by people I don’t know, but the same principle applies. I just post whatever pops into my head, just like everybody else.


Are you hiring?

It’s just my Facebook page, so there’s nothing to hire for. This was actually a regular Facebook profile for years, but the more I talked about politics, the more random people would friend request me, so I just transitioned it to a Page and renamed it So Let’s Talk About and then made a separate account for my actual Facebook account.


How long have you been a writer?

I don’t consider myself a writer. I tried to be, but I didn’t really find much success and I was never able to find a job. I’m a regular office worker and I work in healthcare administration (I hope…I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic — before that I worked in publishing). But to answer the question, I’ve always kept a journal/diary online, so this is just an extension of that really.


Why don’t you talk about [insert something I don’t wanna talk about]?

This little page is called So Let’s Talk About, as in let’s talk about whatever *I* want to talk about, not whatever *you* want to talk about. I don’t really care if that sounds obnoxious because it’s literally just my Facebook page. It’s not my job, I don’t get paid for this, and the internet is how I distract myself from other stuff. Why would I distract myself with something I don’t like?


Why don’t you show both sides? You would be more credible.

Credible as what? A Facebook poster? This isn’t a news source and I’m not a journalist. At best you could call me an editorialist (not a real word, don’t use that), because almost everything here is just my opinions on stuff. Granted, they’re fact-based opinions, but I’m not a reporter. I provide links to things so you can form your own opinions.


Why did you block me? Can’t take criticism?

Because I can and I don’t know you. I don’t owe you time or conversation or energy.


Why didn’t you respond to my message?

Sometimes I read all my messages, and sometimes I don’t. I used to write a lot more before 2016, but I was tired of getting nooses and n-words in my inbox. Sometimes I don’t feel like sifting through hate mail to find genuine questions and positive messages. But sometimes I do so please send them! It’s just a 50/50 tossup on getting a response. I’m actually sorry about that.


Where are you from?

Grew up in rural South Carolina. Now I live in Harlem.


Why do you say “Saltine American” so much?

I’m only mildly trying to be funny when I say that. It’s actually one of the few phrases for w * * * * people I can use (including w * * * * people!) that doesn’t lock me out of my page. I get reported to FB by racists everyday and some algorithm or person goes through my posts and automatically flags any mention of that phrase and a few others.

The only ones I can get away with currently are People of No Color, #FFFFFF Folks, The Unmelanated, and Saltine Americans.

So it’s not just jokes. It’s trying to get around a flawed harassment system on every social media platform where one POC can be targeted by 100 racists and it looks like we’re the abusive party because we’ll have hundreds of complaints against us for simply discussing race.


Why don’t you like Lady Gaga?

She gives me manic Theater Student / Horse Girl energy and it stresses me out. Also, I don’t really like most of her music and her dancing is way too intense for such simple choreography.

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